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"Matthias mouse do right thing," she said. "Bull Sparra be wicked; bad temper. Sometimes Dunwing think Bull Sparra mad. Best he thinks you no-harm mouse."During the meeting there was much useful information exchanged. Matthias told of the rescue at St. Ninian's, and his encounter with the strange hare.It was late afternoon. There had been one or two minor setbacks, but Ctuny and his squad had finally made it up into the elm tree. Some of the rats were really hopeless climbers in Cluny's estimation. There had been quite a bit of jostling and slipping, and as for that idiot Cheesethief, imagine waiting until you were six yards above ground to find out that you were afraid and had no head for heights. Cluny thought angrily that if there hadn't been such an urgent need for silence, he'd have given him what for!270156

Cluny was heartened to see things going right for a change. There was more to Cheesethief than he had at first thought.Warbeak had been caught napping. She came to life in an irate mood. "Worms, all worms, you old mouseworm! Stay 'way, Warbeak killee!"ha?"7

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Constance shook the beaver into wakefulness."Hmm, this is a nice green glass vase." . "Why hello, what a lovely little silver plate."Once more the Abbot's heart softened towards the little mouse. "Poor Matthias, alas for your ambitions. The day of the warrior is gone, my son. We live in peaceful times, thank heaven, and you need only think of obeying me, your Abbot, and doing as you are bidden. In time to come, when I am long gone to my rest, you will think back to this day and bless my memory, for then you will be a true member of Redwall. Come now, my young friend, cheer up; it is the Summer of the Late Rose. There are many, many days of warm sun ahead of us. Go back and get your basket of hazelnuts. Tonight we have a great feast to celebrate - my Golden Jubilee as Abbot. When you've taken the nuts to the kitchen, 1 have a special task for you. Yes indeed, I'll need some fine fish for the table. Get your rod and line. Tell Brother Alf that he is to take you fishing in the small boat. That's what young mice like doing, isn't it? Who knows, you may land a fine trout or some sticklebacks! Run along now, young one."

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"Good grief, shouldn't think a blaggard like you ever had a mother," Basil sniffed disdainfully."That's easy," grinned Methuselah. "The rhyme says, 'from o'er the threshold seek and you will see.' It's simple! What is above our heads right now?"

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117Gripping the standard in bloodless claws, Cluny climbed over the fence to the common land.

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Skirting the edges of the shimmering pool, the two friends dashed into a smallish tunnel at the other side.

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Once more the sound of the Joseph Bell tolling out across the fields from Redwall wakened the Warlord. Fangburn, who was trying to extract a piece of elm branch from his Chiefs chest, leaped backwards in fright as Cluny's eye snapped open inches from his own.

Matthias could not help laughing at the irrepressible hare.

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