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Some time about mid-morning, Ragear was awakened by the sound of footsteps. As Matthias tramped past he lay low, silently congratulating himself. What a find, a little mouse! He would take him prisoner and bring him back alive to Cluny. That way he could gain some prestige. Cluny might even forget that he panicked and deserted at the Abbey.Basil Stag Hare, camouflage expert, had gone to earth.44ground. "Matthias," he laughed. "What an odd name, to be sure!"- can tell Cluny when he awakes full of pain with festeringsation. And though, unfortunately, he could not hear what they said, their behavior was secretive enough to make Cluny sure he was right. They were planning a double cross!

"Well, my son, you are back with us at last," he said. "That must have hurt. There was half of a sparrow's beak lodged in your shoulder.""Thank you, Cornflower. Put them down on the table," said Matthias abruptly.Matthias blinked and scratched his head. He looked at Methuselah. "Well, what did all that mean? It's a riddle to me."Cheesethief sneered. "Clumsiness, I'd say. 1 was there and saw it all. Besides, Cluny wouldn't have a weasel officer ordering rats about."

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The badger nodded knowingly and continued where Matthias had left off. "Yes, I've seen that sort of thing before. Not much to look at; in fact, just the type of shield that would fit precisely into this circle. Can't you see the slots for the arm-holds? But then again, if you look at that carved circle, you'll notice that it is cut so that the shield would tilt, probably to reflect the moonlight. ..."Cluny staggered into the entrance to the bell tower, where Friar Hugo had been tolling the Joseph Bell. At the sight of the rat Warlord, he released the rope and scuttled underneath the stairs, where he hid trembling. Matthias came thundering in. Cluny dodged around him and slammed the door, locking them in together. If only he could get the mouse at close quarters and stop him from using the sword, Cluny thought, then he could win with his superior strength.On the woodland side, Cluny whispered commands to his followers as they pushed the plank towards the wall from their perch in the elm tree. "Steady now, Cheesethief, you moron. Keep your end up! Keep it going upwards, not down!"

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There were so many things that could go wrong. What would Martin the Warrior have done in a situation like this? Matthias decided that Martin would have put on a brave face and trusted to a warrior's luck. And that was precisely what he was going to do.21

Item one: Martin is Matthias.

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them as he moved among the bodies that had fallen from the high branches: four rats, a ferret, and one weasel. Three of the rats and the ferret were dead. They lay where they had fallen, their limbs in grotesque positions. The survivors immediately pounced upon the bodies of their fallen comrades, plundering weapons and objects of clothing that they had coveted. Cheesethief stood riveted by the single eye."Cluny, Cluny, Cluny the Scourge!""Oh please. Chief, it was only a joke, 1 didn't mean to?"You take the left and I'll take the right," Matthias308

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The trio scoured the lower slopes, poking and probing. They inspected underneath stunted bushes, turned over chunks of rock, crawled beneath huge slabs, always watching keenly for the telltale single winding track of the adder. The silence was oppressive. There was neither birdsong nor the hum of insects inside the sunken arena. Having crisscrossed the floor, they progressed to the middle terraces, but the results were equally disappointing. All morning they had searched the quarry without any success.

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there's been one reported over at the edge of the woods. Of course, no one can understand a single word that the savage heathen is saying. She's screeching away back there, hopping and dancing about, working herself up into a right old tizz-wozz, or so I've been told."The mother sparrow was first to recover. She drove her mouse friend relentlessly to his feet. "Matthias, come hurry! We waste time.""We were just leaning there for a rest. We're only simple healers."

Having found neither sword nor snake, the King had become peeved and bad tempered. He issued orders to the search party that they were to stay on the floor of the woods until they found something. Meanwhile, he must go back to the

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