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Sela froze. There was nothing more dangerous than a folly-grown badger. Their strength and ferocity were renowned.Matthias yawned. "Well, what about sparrows? I've had some dealings with 'em. What do you need to know?"It struck with lightning speed! All that Ragear felt was a sudden sharp sting to the side of his neck. His limbs became flaccid, his eyesight shrouded by a dark mist. The last words Ragear ever heard on this earth were uttered in the adder's sibilant hiss.The old mouse stood up. He stared hard at Matthias for a moment, then, turning, he shuffled slowly off. As he went, he called back over his shoulder, "Because, Matthias . . . because he was very like you!""Captain Snow, eh? That old maniac! I've forbidden him the use of my barn, you know. What a thoroughly dreadful bird! He eats anything that moves or crawls. Atrocious table manners, too. All that regurgitating of bone and fur. Ugh!"tinued looking upwards. Jess was reduced to a mere speck now. The young mouse gritted his teeth, willing the brave squirrel onwards. "Go on, Jess, you can do it! Not far to the gable now!"177

He felt the adder breathing, its cold exhalations carrying the sweet musty odor of death stirring his whiskers. A coil moved and faintly touched his leg. Matthias sucked in his breath and squeezed closer to the wall. The snake blinked, sending the opaque tissue upwards. The young mouse was confronted by the wide-open eye of the monster staring directly at him."Aye, so I see," grunted the hedgehog. "Here, you don't suppose they'd mind, do you?"Darkclaw and the ferret came marching in, not knowing whether to be confident or apprehensive. You never knew with Cluny."Ugh! I simply cannot abide the taste of mouse. Filthy little vermin, one can never tell where they've been.""The same one," Matthias replied. "But to cut a long story short, the adder stole the sword from him. That's why I want to know about Asmodeus, you see."

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Matthias snapped out of his reverie. Silent Sam was admiring his sword belt. He laughed. "Do you like that, Sam? It's the sword belt of a famous warrior.""King call alia warrior/' Warbeak murmured. "Gotta go now. Me meet Matthias mouse again one day.""Right. What are we waiting for? Let's go," said the badger.

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Matthias did a little shuffle of excitement. "Look, they've come up right under poor old Ambrose! My word, what splendid moles. Good heavens, he's vanished completely! They must have him inside the tunnel."Clinging to the vane with one paw, Matthias jumped up and down in a frenzy. He waved frantically, shouting at the top of his voice. "Jess! It's me, Matthias. Hurry. Oh please hurry!"

"Which one of you is the leader?" he snarled.

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"What else? Think, Matthias.""Just you try and stop me," she chattered fiercely.Matthias peered over the rim of the Joseph Bell. "All right, rat, you win. But how do I know you'll keep your word? First let the friar go, then I promise on my honor as a warrior that I'll come down.""Mouseworm get more! More, you hear?" His eyes shone madly as the feathered hackles rose around his neck. "King not argue with crazy mouseworm. You get gone now, plenty quick or me killee. Go now. Majesty sleep."Nobody could determine which direction the sound was coming from. It seemed to fill the very air about them as it gathered momentum; the ground began trembling with the rumbling noise.

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"The gatehouse is the threshold, The gatehouse is the threshold."

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Try as he would, Cluny could not evade the grim avenger with the sword. Shades of creatures that he had slain through the years came back to mock him. They got in his way, tripping him so that he stumbled and fell. Each time he would rise wearily and start to run again, the nemesis at his back, pursuing, striding unhurriedly, never changing pace as the wraiths of his dead captains, Skullface, Redtooth, Ragear. and Cheesethief, hovered about, urging him to turn and. face die warrior mouse. But he dared not turn. He kept running."I believe you are right," said the old mouse. "'Day's first hour' is not when it becomes light. It's one in the morning, still dark."217

No need of burial patties. Nature and the woodlands took care of their own funeral arrangements. There was but one efficient undertaker. The adder's jaws opened in something resembling the nightmare of a smile. The pathway to eternity

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