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"Redwall. Redwall.""So Redtooth went off to see what the noise was," Sela faltered. "We told him not to go, sir, but he insisted."The otters carried bags of smooth pebbles which they hurled from vine slings with great force and accuracy. Groups of fieldmouse archers nocked thistledown shafts to the strings of their longbows. Many a marauding bird had been driven off by these same tiny archers. Bands of Redwall mice practiced at thrust and parry with staves.

the sword-handle and moved it from side to side with the sway of the big viper's head. Suddenly he felt the shrew pulling on his feet. Wriggling his body, Matthias started to move backwards. Asmodeus bared his fangs. He moved forward at the struggling mouse. Matthias swung the blade at the snake's open mouth. It hissed and recoiled. As Matthias contorted himself to negotiate the tree root, he poked the point of the blade at his enemy's head.Matthias had decided against trying the shield in its niche before the appointed hour. He felt somehow that they must abide by the rules of the verse, waiting until day's first hour on the night of the full moon. It just had to be so. No use tempting fickle Dame Fortune.Windplume grinned at Matthias. "Mouse cheeky, but brave like Sparra warrior."

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"Is that all!" said Log-a-Log heatedly. "Then why don't you show him the snake tracks in the mud there? Or didn't you notice them? Asmodeus passed through here not four hours ago. He's probably gone hunting in Mossflower Wood. It's a mercy we didn't bump into him. He might come back this way before the day is through."The sword belt was in pristine condition, soft and as supple as if it had newly come from the tanner's bench: shiny black leather with a hanging tab to carry sword and scabbard. Its broad silver buckle gleamed in the lantern light.Missiles from the wall had slackened off, giving Cluny's horde a chance to desert the ditch for the relative safety of the meadows. Cluny appeared well satisfied for the moment. He called Killconey to his side.

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Redtooth prodded her with a spear. "Cluny gave strict orders that you must stay here until he's better."'I'm using the Chiefs tent.* I think Cheesethief was getting too big for his boots, Chief."

Matthias set his food to one side. "Tell me, what knowledge have you digested lately, old one?"

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"About four summers ago I treated a sparrowhawk who had pulled a sinew in her foot. She could not use her talons properly. Hmm, as I remember, I made her promise never

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A noise nearby caused them both to freeze momentarily. It sounded like some creature groaning. Instinctively Matthias and the squirrel ducked down among the ferns. Cautiously, they crept along in the direction of the sounds.

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Complete silence fell. He handed the pebble to Matthias.Cluny did not tell any of his officers of his suspicions. He kept everything to himself. This way there could be no possible leak of secrets. Cluny was content to watch and wait, getting a little stronger each day.Cluny knew that he was succeeding with his scheme against the squirrel as more hard chestnuts pelted down.

Half an hour before dawn the young mouse was roused by a shrew who gave him an acorn cup full of sweet berry juice, a loaf of rough nutbread and some tasty fresh roots that he could not identify. By dawn's first light they were on the move again, marching until mid-morning. Matthias saw the edge of Mossflower Wood. The tall trees thinned out, bush and undergrowth were sparse. Before them lay an open field of long, lush grass dotted with buttercup and sorrel. In the distance he could see the abandoned farmhouse that Basil had spoken of. All the shrews had disappeared with the exception of Guosim and Log-a-Log. The latter pointed to the barn adjoining the farmhouse.

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