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296Warbeak scowled fiercely, but she munched the nut readily.A noise nearby caused them both to freeze momentarily. It sounded like some creature groaning. Instinctively Matthias and the squirrel ducked down among the ferns. Cautiously, they crept along in the direction of the sounds.the sword-handle and moved it from side to side with the sway of the big viper's head. Suddenly he felt the shrew pulling on his feet. Wriggling his body, Matthias started to move backwards. Asmodeus bared his fangs. He moved forward at the struggling mouse. Matthias swung the blade at the snake's open mouth. It hissed and recoiled. As Matthias contorted himself to negotiate the tree root, he poked the point of the blade at his enemy's head.

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Martin's voice was warm and friendly. "Matthias, 1 am that is. Stay! Beware of Asmodetis."

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Complete silence fell. He handed the pebble to Matthias.

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Plumpen cursed the fate that had put him and his family in the hands of the rats. What a happy, friendly lot the Redwatt creatures were. He was served afternoon tea sitting on the grass in the cloisters. The dormouse felt the good food turn to ashes in his mouth at the thought of his betrayal of fellow

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