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They continued gossiping until Dunwing returned. After a decent interval the young mouse spoke to her, "You go to King's room all lotta time." Dunwing nodded.From her perch in the tree, Jess watched with grim satisfaction. "Aye, worthless trash, rat, just as you are. The real tapestry is back at Redwall by now. You've been fooled."Redtooth would have flown a record distance had there not been a stout sycamore tree several yards away. . . .

"What? Oh, yes. I was dashing about and 1 didn't see it, Chief. The fox can tell you. She saw it, and if she didn't, well, I already told her," said Fangburn, his voice trailing off miserably.

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Sela groaned despairingly as Cluny kicked her son viciously. "Who said anything about tunneling, fox? I only mentioned digging."

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Constance ambled up, her big flanks heaving, covered in wounds. She pointed to the bell tower and uttered a single word.

The first mistake he made was to peep over the edge of the eaves. Far, far, below, the Abbey grounds looked like a spread-out pocket handkerchief, the great wall representing its border. Wkh the blustery howling wind pinning flat his ears, and forcing the breath back down his throat, Matthias giddily covered his eyes with a paw. He felt physically sick at the mere thought of it all.

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Foremole and his team arrived panting, with Matthias running ahead. The moles collapsed on the rubble, breathing hard.Brother Rufus was no fool. "How many rats were traveling in the cart altogether?" he asked.

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Alone and unencumbered, Matthias struck off into the woods. Traveling doggedly on wearied legs, he realized that his entry to Redwall would have to be from the Mossfiower side, as the main gate would probably be under attack. Could the defenders hold out? Was Constance organizing the retaliation correctly without him! Had the sentries stayed alert? Was Cornflower safe?One hour later they both sat on the stone floor, drinking October ale to quench the dust while they admired their handiwork.

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