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Matthias's plea had the desired effect upon the mad King. He sat in the big chair, his eyes glinting cunningly.The ancient mouse placed his paws on his young friend's shoulders. His voice trembled as he bade goodbye. "Good fortune go with you, Matthias. I wish that I were young and agile once again so that I could accompany you."Suddenly, Cluny called over to Sela, "Hey, fox, take that brat of yours outside for a bit! Get some fresh air, and remember, no wandering off! Send Darkclaw in here to me, and that gabby ferret, whatsisname, Killconey."The old mouse shook his head modestly. "Oh, dear me, no. I like to think of myself as an aged but extremely erudite scholar."$ 207The stretcher bearers moved off slowly through the woods. Cheesethief avoided Cluny's eye. An idea was taking form in his mind. He sniffed piteously, wiping an imaginary tear from his cheek.

'Look for the sword In moonlight streaming forth, At night, when day's first hour Reflects the north.'"

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Softly rustling, deceptive as the speckled shadows, the huge adder roamed his domain. Patience and stealth were acquired by long experience. Sometimes the serpent would He totally inert, awaiting the unsuspecting paw that trod too close. Other times it would raise itself, uncoiling to look into bushes for eggs and birds on the nest. Some nights it was lean hunting. "Many creatures sensed the approach of the slithering evil, or scented its dry, musty, deathlike odor. The snake had often gone hungry at times like these. But patience and stealth, patience and stealth; a lesson soon learned is a meal soon earned. At the foot of the sycamore the adder stretched itself alongside the still form of Redtooth. Well, an unexpected bonus! This was another rat that could not scurry off. No expenditure of venom or hypnosis needed. How fortunate! The huge reptile coiled itself languorously around the dead rodent.lift the wretched creature up and carry him to the sick bay, please?""There, by the left, you look a regular little swashbuckler now," chuckled the kindly hare.

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Constance coughed and spluttered upon a candied chestnut. She roared with laughter. "Ha ha ha, ho ho ho, I wouldn't attempt it if I were you, Matthias. He's liable to beat you hollow in his present mood."

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Sometime around early evening Jess arrived back, springing lightly from a high elm branch to the parapet of the Abbey wall. She could tell by the sound of happy chattering and general jubilation that once more the picture of Martin was safely back.153"You stubborn beast," he yelled. "Wilt you get going?"

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Amid the riot of jubilation Matthias watched. The weather vane moved slightly, indicating that Jess, actually out upon the north pointer, must be trying to retrieve the sword.

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me"Betcha King not know how to make own wormfood," he chuckled. "What you think, Dunwing? Matthias find a gift for King?"

Dunwing, being the King's sister, was of royal blood. Her husband had been killed the previous spring in a battle with some starlings. He had saved the life of the King, whereupon Bull Sparra had vowed to care for her and her daughter: but he had instantly forgotten his promises, leaving the pair to fend for themselves. Only in moments of urgency would Dunwing remind him of his vow, knowing that Bull Sparra was a dangerous despot. So normally Dunwing maintained a diplomatic silence in his presence.

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