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The young mouse continued to ignore him. Log-a-Log slumped down.#72Sam jumped down from his mother's knee. The barrel was

"Up higher than before. I'm near the roof indeed, The King gave me a collar, His sister holds the lead.""Couldn't say for sure, Father Abbot. There must have Been hundreds."275With great love and care, Methuselah was putting the final touches to his repair of the tapestry. Only a very sharp-eyed observer would be able to tell that it had once been torn. The warning shouts caused him to stop what he was doing. He turned to see the fox racing towards the door with Friar Hugo trailing far behind, shouting for all he was worth.

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Cluny spat over the edge of the cart at two young rabbits playing in a field. Tasty little things; a pity the cart hadn't stopped yet, he thought. The high warm sun shone down on Cluny the Scourge.

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Mangefur and Scumnose piped up jointly. "We was out searching for dock leaves, Chief, way out across those fields over there?

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Basil winced as he called out to his friend, "Run for it, Jess. I'll hold 'em off!""Here, shrew! You are smaller than I am! Climb through, then see if you can tug me backwards by my feet. Come on, move yourself if you want to live!"

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Later, as they made a hearty meal, Matthias set about pumping the hare for information. "Basil, what's a viper?"A mob of rats had scrambled through the fence to catch Basil, but it was like trying to catch smoke upon the wind. He was there and gone. From her hiding place Jess tried hard to stifle her giggles.

Immediately the mice on sentry duty were alerted. As Shadow ran he saw Constance dash across the grounds at an angle which cut him ofPfrom the stairs up to the ramparts. Switching direction, he made for the next set of stairs, silently cursing the badger. Now he would have to use his climbing rope to descend quickly to the road.

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