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Cluny the Scourge had spoken."We searched and searched, sir," Sela mumbled, "but all we could find was this big stretch of marshland and bog. ..."89Cheesethief cocked a mockingly sympathetic ear. "What's that, Scragg, my old mate? Tired, are you? Yes, you must be, lying there like that. Tell you what, I'll help you to go to sleep, shall I?"As he spoke, Matthias had been moving away from the seeking talons. On a sudden instinct he dived to one side as die owl pounced. He skipped and ran on a zig-zag course, away from the murderous bird. Bilked of his target, Captain Snow madly tore at the grass and scattered dust. All at once he wheeled about and flew upwards, perching at the entrance to his nest-hole in the stunted oak. "All right, you can stop running away now, little warrior. Come back here. I want to talk to you."Despite its outwardly untidy appearance, the nest was neat and cozy on the inside. Warbeak had gathered Matthias's gear together. Repacking it into the torn haversack, she returned it to her mouse friend, eyeing him in an apprehensive manner.Darkclaw and the ferret came marching in, not knowing whether to be confident or apprehensive. You never knew with Cluny.

"Huh, what are we supposed to do now? Hang about up here until after midnight and wait for a miracle?"Cheesethief came hurrying up, urging on the contingent"This time there will be no mistakes!" he yelled. "And there will be no retreat! We stay, even if it means putting Redwall to siege. We stand firm! Anyone who takes one backward step is dead. Anyone who disobeys orders is dead. Anyone who does not fight tooth and claw with all of hisBrother Alf looked out at the still form in the grass. "It may be too late. Ambrose isn't even twitching. Look, he's not rolled up in a ball anymore."? There was no fool like an old fool!

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Abbot Mortimer sat in his carved willow chair, beaming thanks as one by one the new arrivals laid their simple home-

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Winifred shrugged. "Well let's just hope that it was Cluny. Personally, Pd like to think that he's lying somewhere down there now, dead as a doornail."Old Sela the vixen muttered her charms and spells in a singsong voice. Sometimes she did a hopping little dance around the sickbed. Cluny was not fooled!

A busy flutter of wings announced the mother sparrow's

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The Summer of the Late Rose . . . Cornflower turned the words over in her mind, dreamily thinking of the old rambler102The mouse archers sent off a hail of arrows that came close enough to cause a scatter among the sparrows. Taking advantage of their brief confusion, Jess clambered down on to the small side roof."Aye, that she do. Never diggen or breaken, just turn 'em after dustin'."

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He struck as Methuselah would have wanted him to!

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The hare bobbed up beside him. "Capital! Bung ho! Like a duck to water, young feller. Flop me ears if you aren't the best pupil I've ever had. By the way, is there anything I can do to help?"Warbeak pointed to the King's chamber. "Dunwing get Bull Sparra wormfood ready. King have no wife to make337

"Say what again? You mean that it sounds all mixed up to me?"

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