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"They're getting within range now," shouted Matthias. "Aim, fire!"The sharp ears of Cluny had caught what the unfortunate soldier had said. The Warlord leaped down from his rostrum and seized the trembling miscreant, booting him forward into plain view of the army.Constance nodded admiringly. "Aye, that fish fed the whole Abbey! I remember, because I had three helpings, two less than that spiky wastebin Ambrose.""Matthias, my son, I see you have restored the sword of Martin to our Abbey. Is your mission completed then?""Rats, you say, Matthias. What type of rat?" inquired Sister Ctemence.As the party walked towards Cavern Hole, Cluny could sense hostility emanating from the young mouse who flip-flopped behind him in overlarge sandals. Strange for one so young to be counted as a captain, he thought. Moreover, the little fellow didn't seem to fear him. Ah, but enough of that. Cluny would deal with him when the time came. Meanwhile, the big rat gazed about his surroundings in secret admiration. What an astounding place!Martin continued to smile fearlessly down upon Cluny. The Warlord cracked his tail, shattering the silence of Great Hall. He seemed driven to great anger by the apparent unconcern of the Warrior.

Mrs. Squirrel (or Jess, as she liked to be called) was only too pleased to oblige her friends from Redwall.Matthias paused. So this was what a shrew looked like? He had never seen one before, but he had been told of their bad208"Good evening. Brother Methuselah.""A big fire? Right you are, Chief. I'll get them going right away."

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"Seize him!" Cluny screamed.The old gatehouse-keeper put on his glasses. "Well, have you solved the riddle all by yourself?"Reluctantly Julian stalked out into the sunlight with Matthias. There was an immediate spate of loud, frightened chatter from the regiment of Guerrilla Shrews. Squire Julian Gingivere merely nodded, and addressed them in a regal but distant manner: "Good afternoon. Very clement weather for the time of year, don't you think?"

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Seek and you will see;The paw-sucking continued without comment.

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Suddenly Matthias was face to face with the giant adder.Constance sniffed the breeze as Matthias turned his ears to the nighttime woodland sounds. They watched the ground humping into a continuous hillock that progressed farther as the moles tunneled towards Ambrose Spike. The night remained calm and still, but Matthias and Constance stayed alert, both knowing if they failed to observe this rudimentary law of nature, the penalty could be fatal.220Cluny had never been known as a collector of pictures.

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As Matthias battled to free his other paw he felt himself enveloped by two pairs of wings. Warbeak and Dunwing were attempting to shelter him. The mother sparrow was crying out, "No killee! Mouse good! Save my egg Sparra.""But what about the other creatures in the area?" cried Matthias.


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