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320Bull Sparra pecked nut morsels from his feathers, his eyes129Ferret archers at the edge of the meadow found the range of Basil's bowmice. Several were felled before Jess Squirrel and Winifred, along with some crack otter slingers, sent down a barrage so swift and accurate that it decimated the ferrets within minutes.

3Constance shook her large striped head. "It's not like Matthias to go off like that. I've searched everywhere in my spare moments, but he's not in the Abbey.""In the old sandstone quarry," the owl replied. "You'll have to cross the river. There are caves in the quarry, passages too. Explore them. You won't find Asmodeus until you are least expecting him. By then it will be too late. You'll be deader than an icicle in hell. Goodbye, mouse."Constance had mounted the far steps. Gaining the ramparts, she ran along, dodging the heaps of rubble. She saw Matthias go down under the onslaught of kicks and ran even faster, impeded by mice all around who scattered in panic, thinking they were under mass invasion. The only one besides Constance who had the sense to see what was happening was Cornflower's father. Being nearer the top of the stairs than the badger, he ran straight into the intruder. Shadow was struggling to get out his climbing rope.

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"How far to this tree?" Cluny asked.

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Battlehawk aimed a kick at him, but Windplume deflected it. "Leave mouse alone. You killee him. King killee us."

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"Thank you, Basil," he said. "I'll see you get it back. Is mere anything else I should know?"Matthias stood up, smiling ruefully. He rested on his staff. "Yes, he's very strong, but I do wish that we had some real weapons of war - swords and daggers and such like. We won't kill many rats with wooden staves."The three friends slept in turns, relieving one another through the long watches of the night hours. Matthias was on duty when the first fingers of dawn probed the quarry. What a difference daylight made to the sinister nighttime appearance of the scene below!His lightning reflexes serving him well, Cluny leaped dear. He landed catlike on all fours as'the hay can upended in the roadside ditch, its buckled wheels spinning awkwardly.

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Matthias forgot his lunch. He listened attentively.

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The old mouse wrinkled his nose. "Exactly the same thing as you would - that is, if I were younger and not so old and stiff""Get them," Cluny said hoarsely. "Find the foxes and bring them here to me."

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