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Silently parting the ferns, they gazed in horror at the dreadful scene around the base of the elm tree. Among the dead animals that lay stretched in unnatural attitudes was a badly injured weasel. He was moaning and twitching fit-fally."This time there will be no mistakes!" he yelled. "And there will be no retreat! We stay, even if it means putting Redwall to siege. We stand firm! Anyone who takes one backward step is dead. Anyone who disobeys orders is dead. Anyone who does not fight tooth and claw with all of his211Matthias threw down his staff. He took a dipper of water from an oaken pail, drinking deeply, then splashing the remains over his aching head.

asleep. So we pounced on 'em and tied them up in a bunch. Nice big fat ones they are, Chief.""But why Stag?" Matthias inquired."Here, what's happened? Where's Redtooth?" he asked anxiously.107

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Matthias stumbled from the gruesome death-larder of the adder, out into the main cavern. He sat for a while shuddering with horror at what he had seen, hardly believing that the still body had been a warm, living, breathing creature not long ago. Forcing himself to rise and carry on, Matthias continued his explorations.Matthias walked out into the road, staff in hand. Stray wisps of hay drifted down behind him. His legs trembled uncontrollably. Constance hauled the Abbey cart back on to the road. Cornflower was helping her mother and Mrs. Church-mouse to calm the little ones' tears of fright. Together they stood in the cart tracks amid the settling dust.Abbot Mortimer called order by ringing a small bell.

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"Good, good, thank you, Hugo. Oh, we must thank Alf and young Matthias for mat magnificent fish. What fine anglers they are! There's enough to keep the entire Abbey going for a week! Excellent mice, well done."Cluny was standing transfixed.

Matthias stared in horrified fascination at the broad slimy path that had been left in the mud by the snake. The shrews had all clambered hastily aboard the strange craft.

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Martin took hold of Matthias's shoulder. The young mouse tried to wrench himself free.dashed along the river bank. Other shrews left their hiding places and followed him.Cluny gave a big imitation snore and smacked his lips contentedly. Some day he must learn to play chess. He bet himself that he would be unbeatable.Quaking with fear, Chickenhound held his breath as the woodland juggernaut thundered by within a couple of yards of the hideout. He listened hopefully as the path of destruction trailed off into the distance of Mossflower. Once more the woods grew quiet.He would never forget Dunwing and her eggchick War-beak. Friends in need are friends indeed.

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"Ha! So this is your leader? A little fat mouse in his nightshirt! What a fearsome warrior he looks! Well, what now, mouse? Are you going to go down on your knees and beg for your life, old one?" *

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Down in Cavern Hole the great feast had slackened off.Methuselah rapped the table with a bony paw. "Of course I would. It's the only sensible course to take."Cluny pointed. "You, leader mouse! What's your name again?"

"It's tomorrow night," came the prompt reply. "Why, is something supposed to happen then? Some magic or a miracle?"

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