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V. The sparrow listened intently as the young mouse unfolded ithe story of Redwall Abbey and the part that he was playing ,in its hour of need. When Matthias had finished his tale, Dunwing saw the truth of it in his open face. She drew close land said quietly, "Matthias, Dunwing knew! First day you 'Come here I see belt you wear. It all same as thing behind yfihair in King's room."The hare bobbed up beside him. "Capital! Bung ho! Like a duck to water, young feller. Flop me ears if you aren't the best pupil I've ever had. By the way, is there anything I can do to help?"The old mouse sat down beside him, nodding gravely.245"Ah, the young fieldmouse with the magic soup! Nice to see you, Cornflower. It gets lonely up this end where there's no action."

107"Oh, go away," the young mouse muttered drowsily. "Get someone else. I'm tired."15Cluny the Scourge had spoken.

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"Oh, wdl hit, sir! Jolly well hit!"337

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"It's all right now, Sam," she said, gently. "The fox cannot hurt us. Thank you for protecting me."

The badger's statement caused uproar and shouts of "Nonsense. Pure speculation" and "That's right! Give a rat a bad name!"

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"B-but how did you know that?" stammered Matthias.89"Frogblood! Scumnose!"

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Old fool! She would never have been in this mess if she'd let a much younger and smarter fox handle things.

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The rat made as if to do so, then suddenly lunged at Brother George, only to be sent sprawling by a blow from Brother Rufus's staff. Realizing that he was up against two big, competent mice who would stand no nonsense, he became abusive and bad-mouthed.brought forward. The Abbot worked feverishly, resuscitat-

A minute or two later all four were standing on the gatehouse wall, shoulder to shoulder with countless other defenders. Cluny's horde was retreating, back down the road to their camp at St. Ninian's Church. There was a wild cheering from the ranks of the mice and woodlanders.

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