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"Oh dear, I'll have to get that young mouse some sandals that aren't so big," the Abbot said to himself for the second time that day.Warbeak undid the collar. It fell from Matthias's neck. "Mousefriend set me free. Now me set you free. Warbeak go now, Matthias. Good wormhunt.""We agree, mouse, let us in."There was just no talking to some creatures.The Father Abbot was awakened by a sword-point at his throat. He was completely surrounded by snarling rats. Jess, Basil, Winifred and Foremole all found themselves in similar situations. The iron claw of Cluny's discipline was strongly evident throughout the maneuver. Complete silence had been observed. Only those held captive were aware of the horde's presence.Cluny spoke aloud to the picture of Martin, bound to his standard: "Ha, that fox should easily give those idiots of mine the slip. Then she can deliver my false plans to your Abbot. It's all going along quite smoothly. Bit of a blow for your side, eh, mouse?"Chickenhound finally exhaled a long sigh of relief. Once again the newly self-titled overlord of crime had outsmarted a couple of mere animals. Who on earth did they think they were? When word got around of his daring exploits other creatures would come to him, foxes perhaps. Yes, he could see it all, Chickenhound at the head of a band of robber foxes, plundering and thieving wherever the whim took him. Of course he would change his name to a title more fitted to his position: Redflash, or Nightfang, or maybe Mousedeath. Yes, he liked the sound of that, Mousedeath! His band of minions would admire him, telling each other tales of his astonishing deeds, convinced that the mysterious Mousedeath had always been an infamous thief, unaware of his humble beginnings as Chickenhound, son of Old Sela.

"See, they are the twin pools of eternity. Sink into them, and you will find darkness and rest."Sensing that the King had become dangerous, Dunwing did not hesitate. Roughly she dragged the mouse by the lead from the chamber.deep dimples. He shook Alf by the paw and clapped Matthias heartily on the back as he called out between chuckles, "Bring the white gooseberry wine! Fetch me some rosemary, thyme, beechnuts and honey, quickly. And now, friends, now," he squeaked, waving the dandelion wildly with his tail, "I, Hugo, wiU create a Grayling a la Redwall such as will melt in the mouth of mice. Fresh cream! I need lots of fresh cream! Bring some mint leaves too.""D'you think so, Basil?"

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"Matthias, let me give you some good advice. I am muchOf course it was.The Warlord went off into a berserk rage, stamping about the Hall, slashing and whipping at the shadows with his tail as he invented new titles, screaming them out as the echoes-bounced back off the walls at him.'

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A rat held it!Warbeak scowled but made no comment. She knew Methuselah spoke the truth. The brick was like an anchor against her leg.

He ventured cautiously forwards, holding it aloft. If Julian said that Captain Snow was about, then it must be so.

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There was loud applause for the Abbot's heartening words, but Constance was not convinced. She whispered her thoughts to Basil and Jess. "Never. Cluny won't leave us alone until either we are dead, or he is!""Come on, you lot! On your feet! Stand up straight, you mice! Step aside there! Make way for Cluny the Scourge!""Shadow, is that you?""What do you suppose your mum and Basil are up to, Sam?" asked the young fieldmouse, whose curiosity was aroused.

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warning used by mothers when youngsters were fractious or disobedient.

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The Warlord's eye rested balefully on his scout. "Shut your mouth, fool. If you'd done as I ordered and come right back to report, the way Cheesethief did, we might have been inside that Abbey by now!""Break his paws."time the siege tower, its wheels muffled with sacking, stood

Through a small gap in the door he could see the Vole

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