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Matthias could not help standing a bit taller.The horde was almost upon them. Quick as a flash, Jess grabbed the end of Cluny's tail. She swung him with all of her might, throwing him off balance and sending him crashing into the frontrunners of the horde. Jess threw Basil's paw about her shoulder.* * *"Well, curl my whiskers! The young scoundrel has a brain, and it works too. It's got to be the fourth step, the middle one up or down."210206

Outside in the meadow, Fangburn and Darkclaw listened in disbelief to the ferret.Abbot Mortimer looked up at the sky.Bump!296Methuselah looked up sharply. "Say that again."

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Cluny lounged nonchalantly against the tree. "Well done, squirrel. Very clever indeed. I could use someone like you in my army. Somebody smart, with brains like yours."They strayed over by the gatehouse. The old mouse invited Matthias in for a late nightcap. Methuselah appeared very interested in sparrows. He leafed through his record books.schemes: the sword, Martin's grave, defense of the Abbey, Cornflower. Finally, after much kicking and rumpling of sheets, sleep started to take over. He was somewhere in a long deserted room, not unlike Great Hall. A voice called to him, "Matthias."

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It was more than twice as long as the entrance tunnel. As Matthias cut another arrow into the wall, he noticed that the carved symbols looked older, more primitive. This place had been a serpent's den long before it had been a quarry. The passage ended abruptly. Matthias walked out into an immense cavern.

Methuselah the gatehouse-keeper stood facing the damaged tapestry in the Great Hall of Redwall. Being too old for active

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the sword-handle and moved it from side to side with the sway of the big viper's head. Suddenly he felt the shrew pulling on his feet. Wriggling his body, Matthias started to move backwards. Asmodeus bared his fangs. He moved forward at the struggling mouse. Matthias swung the blade at the snake's open mouth. It hissed and recoiled. As Matthias contorted himself to negotiate the tree root, he poked the point of the blade at his enemy's If they should get into a tight corner, Ragear would serve as an expendable fool. That way Cluny could make good his own escape.

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A chorus of ooh's and ah's greeted the arrival of six mice pushing a big trolley. It was the grayling. Wreaths of aromatic steam drifted around Cavern Hole; the fish had been baked to perfection. Friar Hugo entered, with a slight swagger added to his ungainly waddle. He swept off his chefs cap with his tail, and announced in a somewhat pompous squeak, "Milord Abbot, honored guests from Mossflower area and members of the Abbey. Ahem, I wish to present my piece de resistance?

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Sela licked dry lips. She stared pleadingly at the Warlord. There was no mercy in the single eye.Cornflower dozed against Matthias's shoulder. She could hear the gentle lull of her father's voice and that of John Churchmouse, blending with the hum of nocturnal insects from the meadow and hedges on this balmy summer night.

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