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The eyes seemed to expand and dilate until they filled the whole of Matthias's vision. They dominated him. He could not tear his gaze away. Asmodeus continued in a persuasiveLog-a-Log ripped the cloth band from his brow and flung it down. He took the stone up in his paw. "Matthias, I speak not only for myself but for all the Guerrilla Union. We are very sorry, you must believe that. It completely supped our minds. We forgot about the cat. You see, we are shrews, not only by name but also by nature. We argue, quarrel, bicker and fight so much among ourselves that we lose sight of the important issues. That is the way it is with us. Please accept our apologies, friend."Matthias answered in a strange, full voice. He seemed to grow in years and stature. "/ am that is, old one. Martin is Matthias. As my trusted friend and faithful companion, I say that you may enter with me."

"Jump on that thing's back sharpish. Give it a good bite. That'll get the lazy brute moving again."her otters slid into the water. As she swam Winifred issuedThey strayed over by the gatehouse. The old mouse invited Matthias in for a late nightcap. Methuselah appeared very interested in sparrows. He leafed through his record books.

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Now with the threat of Cluny upon Redwall, the two old friends assessed the beauteous bounty of their lifelong abode. Sweet birdsong on the still air ringed Constance's heart with sorrow and regret that this peaceful existence would soon pass. Gruffly she snuffled deep in her throat, blinking off a threatening teardrop. The Abbot sensed his companion's distress. He patted the badger's rough coat with a gentle paw.

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It was the afternoon of the following day. Matthias marched into the farmyard at the head of all the Guerrilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower. He halted the entire regiment outside the barn and turned to Log-a-Log.Feeling braced after his mad ride and the subsequent narrow escape, Cluny strode to the ditch's edge. The distressed cries of those trapped beneath the cart reached his ears. He spat contemptuously, narrowing his one good eye.Outside in the meadow, Fangburn and Darkclaw listened in disbelief to the ferret.It was more than twice as long as the entrance tunnel. As Matthias cut another arrow into the wall, he noticed that the carved symbols looked older, more primitive. This place had been a serpent's den long before it had been a quarry. The passage ended abruptly. Matthias walked out into an immense cavern.

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"Surrender, rat, I've got you," cried Mr. Fieldmouse as he grabbed hold of the thief. But, rummaging in his pouch to free the rope. Shadow's claw had closed on the handle of his dagger. He drew it out swiftly and drove it twice into the fieldmouse's unprotected body.

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