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Cluny answered quietly out of the side of his mouth, "Don't worry, I've been watching her. A real big country bumpkin. No, these are mice of honor, they'd sooner die than break their word to anyone. You leave this to me."The Abbot's old face broke into a weak smile. "My old friend, I am not like the seasons. I cannot go on forever. It has to finish sometime."'*Good old Foremole," said Matthias.Darkclaw and Fangburn scurried off to obey the command. Silently the others waited, their eyes glinting in evil anticipation.

"Well, well. It's the friend of the mice! So, we meet again, badger!""Hey! Steady on, old mouse! What are you up to?" cried Matthias.He dodged playfully out of reach. Cluny snarled and went after him. Basil ducked and weaved, drawing Cluny further out on to the common. All eyes were upon the two figures. This made it easier for Jess to change hiding places as she followed them.On one side of the young mouse the gifts from Squire Julian Gingivere, Captain Snow and the shrews were piled high; on the other was his sword, reflecting the rays of the afternoon sun. The Guerrilla Shrew regiment had chosen to sleep off the effects of the party outside in the sun. They lay about the farmyard, too full even to argue.Cluny massed his forces in the roadside ditch opposite Red-wall Abbey. He stood well back in the meadow behind the ditch, surrounded by his captains. Here, where he was out of range, he could direct the entire operation.

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150"Ah! Now King give Sparra word. I say if mouse-worm give more candynuts then go free, but must give lot." The King spread his wings wide apart. "This many lot!"

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Down in Cavern Hole the great feast had slackened off.Plumpen waited another hour as Cluny had instructed: then it was time to make his move. Stealing quietly out of the gatehouse study the dormouse headed north, staying well within the deep shadow of the wall. At the small north wall


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"What a thoughtful little body you are. Miss Cornflower. I always say there's nothing like some good homemade vegetable soup to keep the life in my old spines. It's a fair night, but mark you, it gets a bit chill twixt dark and dawn, m'dear."68He would never forget Dunwing and her eggchick War-beak. Friends in need are friends indeed.Fangbum was, to say the least, surprised. Cluny clapped him heartily on the back and led him across to where the rest of the horde waited apprehensively. Cluny laughed aloud to put them at their ease. He winked his eye roguishly.

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Swish. Crack!

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Where was die fragment of tapestry?

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