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Killconey threw an elaborate salute. "Sure, it's clear as the mornin1 dew, yer honor!"'* As they entered the room, Matthias skipped about and sang his ditty. Whipping out the packet he selected a nut and topped it straight into the open beak of the astonished ruler. ' "Mouseworm find more candynuts for big King Sparra," Matthias giggled. "Fetch here quick. Maybe mouse give King lib nuts. King letta mouse go home free."

Matthias groaned aloud, but Basil cut him short. "Mind you, having said that, I think 1 have a pretty fair idea who will know. Listen, if you strike out north-east across Mossflower Wood, you'll find a deserted farmhouse beyond the far edge. Now, the chap you want to see is a whopping great snowy owl that patrols between the fringes of the wood and the old sandstone quarry. His name is Captain Snow. Bear in mind,?almost at the cost of your life?"He was still alive!"To think that all this peaceful beauty should hide such cold evil," he breathed wonderingly.

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The young mouse bowed his head. "But Majesty, me got

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57Matthias could not help feeling a certain amount of sympathy for the lonely aristocrat."Aye, let's keep our paws crossed that it does. We'll only get one shot."

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There were one or two murmurs of dissent, that a stranger who was not a shrew should have first say. The old shrew danced with rage. "Will you lot shut up? The mouse has the stone."

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