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Chickenhound's confidence grew as he raced through the woods. He sniggered. Daft old fool! Served him right, he should have got out of the way. Hadn't he realized that he was facing Chickenhound, the overlord of all criminals?the body of King Bull Sparra. With a great splash Constance waded into the shallows and dragged the corpse up on to the mossy bank.Through the crossed latticework Matthias could see the shine of black leather and silver. Hastily they ripped and tore with beak, claw and paw. Dust and aged stuffing flew everywhere. Matthias triumphantly pulled the scabbard and sword belt free of the wreckage."Go and boil your head, rat!" came Constance's gruff reply.

Would Miss Cornflower like to sit next to him?

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Having found neither sword nor snake, the King had become peeved and bad tempered. He issued orders to the search party that they were to stay on the floor of the woods until they found something. Meanwhile, he must go back to theCornflower and Friar Hugo exited leaning upon each other, their faces crimson with suppressed laughter.199

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The horse had stopped from sheer exhaustion. He hadn't wanted that: some inner devil persuaded him that he had not yet reached his destination. Cluny's one eye slitted evilly.


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loosen it.A stinging blow from a weasel's club sent Basil limping and tripping to the ground. The weasel struck him again and

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Panting and sweating, a large mob of rats dashed to and fro burdened by the battering ram. The captains, hoping to curry favor with Cluny, harangued the hapless runners: "Pick

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There was a brief silence. Another shrew snatched hold of the stone. "Aye, that's right! Where are you off to, mouse?"

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