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Seemingly from out of nowhere a mouse leaped, barring Matthias's path! He halted, sizing the strange mouse up. It was an odd-looking wild thing. Matthias was not even too sure it really was a mouse.173? At the top of a small rise Matthias dropped into a crouch. :f Signaling sveryone to do likewise, he pointed downwards. ? "Look, Log-a-Log! There!"

Cheesethief stepped forward, wiping imaginary tears from his face with the back of a filthy claw. "Don't you remember. Chief? He fell out of the big tree. After I'd taken care of you I went back for him, but when I got to him the poor weasel was dead. What a good, kind?Reflects the North.The stretcher bearers moved off slowly through the woods. Cheesethief avoided Cluny's eye. An idea was taking form in his mind. He sniffed piteously, wiping an imaginary tear from his cheek.

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"There, by the left, you look a regular little swashbuckler now," chuckled the kindly hare.It was eleven o'clock on that glorious June morning. Moss-flower Wood and the meadowlands stirred to the brazen voice of the great Joseph Bell. John Churchmouse heaved on the bellrope as he had been told to by Constance and Matthias.

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I up."

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Matthias barely had time to bid Cornflower a hasty goodbye before he was ushered off to the Abbot's room for an early-Sela seated herself. Her mind was racing. "Er, then at least let me go out into the churchyard. I've got to have some fresh air. Besides, 1 can tell my young assistant what herbs I require, and he can fetch them for me."Cluny ranted and raved on, the light of madness in his eye. "Death and desolation shall be the reward of those who dare stand against Cluny. The only ones I will spare are those 1 might choose to serve me."

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The Abbot pointed to the tapestry, shaking his head. "See, my old gatehouse-keeper's last good work. He restored Martin to his place of honor. Methuselah was the gentlest mouse 1 ever knew. Oh what a tragic waste of two lives: one who spent his years in search of knowledge, the other cut down before his tree of youth had chance to blossom!"

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