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Cluny charged in. He lifted the banner and slammed it down on the hare's unprotected head. Basil twisted quickly to one side."Sensible mouse," said Constance. "Is Ambrose SpikeMatthias climbed as he had never done before. Aided by Dunwing, he made it. Two things happened at once. He grabbed for the gutter just as the sharp newly-broken stone sawed through the rope. Snap! Grab!There was a second's pause, then they scattered. One or two of the rats were a bit slow off the mark, but not as slow as Colin Vole and his mother, who were roughly grabbed by the faster sentries.Fangburn swung the heavy dub and brought it crashing down on the back of Plumpen's head from behind. The unlucky dormouse crumpled to the ground without a sound.When Friar Hugo hurried off to join the defenders he left Cornflower in charge of the kitchens. She had busied herself with setting pans of oatmeal and oven bread ready for the next morning's breakfast. Cornflower then thought of the sentries up on the wall, and she set about making a large pan of vegetable soup. It was a great favorite with the defenders at nighttime, especially when she made it to her own recipe. Helped by Mrs. Vole and Mr. Squirrel, she ladled it intoDunwing preened her feathers, smiling craftily. "Great fibba lie. Me whisper bit here, there, about giant Poisonteeth. Say him lying hurt down in Mossflower trees, look to die, Poisonteeth have sword witha, you see."

Any further speech was drowned by hearty cheers.of poor old Mingo on his way home he'll probably sleep through today and go out to hunt tonight."Friar Hugo's cry galvanized the fox into action. He grabbed the sack and fled from the Abbey."However, the walls must always be guarded. I leave it to you, my captains. Stay ever vigilant against Cluny and his horde. I know that with your counsel and good judgment, we will soon see the day when the enemy are forced to go elsewhere and leave Redwall in peace."Matthias did a little shuffle of excitement. "Look, they've come up right under poor old Ambrose! My word, what splendid moles. Good heavens, he's vanished completely! They must have him inside the tunnel."


"Bet you've never seen an owl chat size before, eh?"Captain Snow laughed helplessly. Matthias yelled up chal-lengingly, "Ha, I'll bet you couldn't fight Asmodeus!"? There was no fool like an old fool!

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Led by Constance, the defenders riled hurriedly off.Fangburn met him halfway. Cluny held up a claw, silencing him. He would get to the bottom of things without stuttering

Cluny's one eye widened. "What did this serpent do when it saw you?"

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177Killconey marked a cross on the ditch wall with her claw. "Right you are! We'll start about here, buckoes. Come on now, dig for victory."The surveillance continued. Apart from retrieving his dagger, Matthias sat very still, peering northwards. Eventually he had to give up, as his eyes were beginning to water and he was getting a crick in his neck. Methuselah had fallen asleep in the afternoon sun.Log-a-Log took the stone. "Matthias of Redwall, you are on our land. We will escort you. The Guerrilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower would never live down the shame of171

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"Speak first. You'll get water when we get information," she insisted.

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The Abbot shook with silent laughter as he watched Matthias march off with a soldier-like swagger. Flip flop, flip flop; he tripped and fell flat on his tail."Do you see that? Well, let it be a warning to you all. Ha, I knew what was going on with Cheesethief. Didn't anyone see him at the battering ram last night acting all high and mighty?""What we have here, my good comrades in arms," said

In his frustration, Matthias gave the sagging armchair a hefty shove. One of the legs collapsed and it fell backwards, revealing crossed lattice strips of hessian on its underside.

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