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Matthias's voice was tinged with disappointment. "Only the Abbey, part of the beehives, the north side of this wall, and the treetops beyond. What do your eyes see, old one?"Matthias tossed and turned in his bed, exhausted, but unable to sleep. His mind revolved around a host of problems andMatthias followed the direction of the rat's gaze. He walked to the tapestry with his paw outstretched.From o'er the thresholdFangburn spat scornfully at the fox's feet. "Are you trying to make fun of me, healer? What d'you think 1 am? Huh, writing materials! The idea of it!"Matthias barely had time to bid Cornflower a hasty goodbye before he was ushered off to the Abbot's room for an early-Matthias scaled the packed straw. He stood on top and looked about. Nothing. He ventured forwards, and suddenly

Constance coughed and spluttered upon a candied chestnut. She roared with laughter. "Ha ha ha, ho ho ho, I wouldn't attempt it if I were you, Matthias. He's liable to beat you hollow in his present mood."223"Back to the ditch and the meadow! Stay out of their range!" Cluny did his best to keep his voice even. As the army retreated to safety he was the last to go, willing himself to walk slowly as if that were the way he had planned!"Shall we go in together, then?"

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In his frustration Matthias swung the spike at the lock. It bounced off, lodging deep between the hasp and the woodwork. He grunted in exasperation, pulling it savagely towards himself to loosen it. Taken off balance, he went head over tail. The hasp had broken; it came away bringing with it some twisted rusty screws. The door swung open."Well, what did you see?" barked Cluny irritably.Above him on the roof, Dunwing had lost her footing. The sparrow's claws screeched and grated on the roofing slates as the weighted rope pulled her downwards on the steep slope. Dunwing leaned back, trying to dig her claws in somewhere to check the inexorable slide. The broken gutter edge loomed up, surprisingly bringing with it a desperate chance. With lightning speed, Dunwing tugged hard on the rope, gaining a little slack. Giving a skillfull flick, she jammed the tope in the niche of the broken stone edge. It slipped for a moment, then held. Flying out, Dunwing took a few extra turns upon the rope, locking it firmly off on the projecting edge. Letting go of her end, the sparrow flew down underneath Matthias. She started pushing him

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lanterns high." With hardly a ripple, Winifred and three ofDarkclaw and Fangburn grabbed hold of Cluny's smoldering cloak. They dragged him backwards. "Get out of the way, Chief! It's starting to fall!" With a roaring crackle and snap of blazing timber the siege tower leaned crazily to one side. It tottered, then collapsed in a flaring sheet of flame and sparks. The hay wagon listed drunkenly and was pulled over on to its side where it lay burning furiously.

Matthias jostled him boisterously. "What does it say, old .one? Hurry up and read it to me."

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Cluny jabbed a claw at Martin, his voice laden with menace, "No more will you haunt my dreams! A voice inside me spoke as I waited in the woods tonight outside your precious Redwall. It said that before sunset this day I would be free of my nightmares forever. What do you think of that?"Some time later, Cluny was deep in conference with Killconey and his squad. It was interrupted by a scuffle and commotion from outside. Cheesethief strode in, dragging Chickenhound and prodding Sela ahead of him with a spear."Well, we was rootin' about by some hedges, Chief," said Scumnose, "and we found a whole tribe of dormice fastthe arrow in her teeth and yanked it clear from the bird's leg. The badger then upended the basket, imprisoning the maddened sparrow beneath it.Dunwing, being the King's sister, was of royal blood. Her husband had been killed the previous spring in a battle with some starlings. He had saved the life of the King, whereupon Bull Sparra had vowed to care for her and her daughter: but he had instantly forgotten his promises, leaving the pair to fend for themselves. Only in moments of urgency would Dunwing remind him of his vow, knowing that Bull Sparra was a dangerous despot. So normally Dunwing maintained a diplomatic silence in his presence.

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It was dead of night when Cluny's horde moved out of the meadow. Around the embers of each campfire, bundles of grass and twigs had been wrapped in blankets. To the unsuspecting sentries on the wall the bundles looked like sleeping forms: they sensed nothing amiss. The horde circled northwards through the meadowlands until Cluny judged they were far enough from Redwall to escape detection. He crossed the road at the head of his army.

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hare was quite a kindly creature really, all bark and no bite at all. He shared the tasks with them, working as hard as anyone.


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