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Basil humphed through his military-style whiskers. "Good grief, doesn't bear thinkin' about, old girl! Those rats and vermin, an absolute shower of yahoos and cads! Bad influence, y'know."He stood shaking. His chest heaved with exertion. His paws hung limp at his sides. The great sword lay against the warrior's blood-flecked habit, its long, deadly blade crimsoned in victory.345Skullface performed a frantic leap. He landed on the horse's back. The terrified animal did not wait for the rat to bite. As soon as it felt the loathsome scratching weight descend on its exposed haunches, it gave a loud panicked whinny and bucked. Spurred on by the energy of fright it careered off like a runaway juggernaut.The huge reptile was sleeping. With every breath it ex-This crafty statement did the trick. After a few whispered words between the two rats, Redtooth turned to Sela. "Listen, fox, you can go out into the churchyard and tell your assistant to run this errand, but Fangburn here will be right beside you with a cutlass in your ribs. One false move out of you, and you'll be a dead healer. Is that clear?"

"Hey, keep a civil tongue in your head, sparrow! That's my friend you're talking about," gritted Matthias as he strode off to the right, tugging the lead. His concentration broken, he stepped awkwardly upon a joist and tripped heavily into the thick dust."There was six of'em, Chief, they tried surrounding me, but I fought like a devil! Then I says to meself, Ragear, says"Over there, Log-a-Log! Move!""I'll take you to Friar Hugo's kitchen and see that he gives you the nicest breakfast you've ever had. Now what do you say to that?"

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Shortly after there was a huge fire burning in the ditch. The horde gathered close by to see what Cluny was up to. The crackling flames gave off waves of heat, causing everyone to step back. Above the ditch the air shimmered and danced.A rat armorer set the war helmet firmly upon Cluny's head. He snapped the visor down and kicked aside the rat who had fixed the poison barb on his tail.

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Matthias leaned wearily against a stack of books. "But if the gatehouse is the threshold, where are we supposed to stand to see anything an hour after midnight?"


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285Chickenhound slurped and gulped greedily at the water as the Abbot enlightened him. "You are in the infirmary at Redwall Abbey. As yet I do not know the full extent of your injuries. When you have rested, my friends will cleanse you and dress your wounds."Through a high slitted window, Matthias could see the rosy-pink and gold fingers of dawn stealing down to Cavern Hole as the candles began to flicker and smoke into stubs. All in the space of a night events had moved from festivity to a crisis, and he, Matthias, had taken a major role in both. First the big grayling, then the sighting of the cart; large happenings for a small mouse.A moment later he was gone.

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Cluny was a God of War!

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With a sack upon his back the wily fox roamed from room to room. The Abbey was his oyster.Only yesterday the young one known as Silent Sam was heard to speak. He was heard conversing with the son of Matthias and Cornflower. The young squirrel suddenly began to relate the saga of the Late Rose Summer Wars to the baby mouse. I fear that we will not be able to stop him from talking, or his parents from laughing with delight. The son of our warrior is a strong chubby little fellow. Everyone calls him Matttmeo because 'Matthias Methuselah Mortimer' is too big a mouthful, but that was what his parents wished his name to be. Even now he tries long and often to lift the great sword Ratdeath. I think one day he is sure to succeed his father as Abbey Champion. Our Abbot, Mordalfus (no wonder he always preferred the name Alf, I mean, Mordalfus?), has declared that his first anniversary shall be marked by a huge feast. We are all invited. Constance has been pulling her cart around the woodland and meadows far and wide, bringing in guests.The young mouse decided to 6ght fire with fire. No point being good mannered with this little hooligan. He snarled in what he hoped was an aggressive manner, "Never mind who I am! Who do you think you are, you little rag-head?"

An expectant hush descended upon the union members of the Guerrilla Shrews of Mossflower. Matthias found it hard to keep the contempt out of his voice. "I found Captain Snow. Actually I was led to him by Squire Julian Gingivere. Does that name ring any bells?*'

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