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"Me hunt worms," she chirped. "Bring dandelions for201While Log-a-Log held the rock from closing, Matthias peered into the hole. It was a long dark tunnel sloping down the side of the quarrystone.

"Ha, what a blow it would be to that feller Cluny and his filthy band of robbers."Matthias found he had to be quite severe with them. Accordingly, he dealt out some hefty blows and hard falls to make the more timid souls angry enough to retaliate.When the astonished hubbub had died down the young mouse continued, "Think about it, Guerrilla Shrews! It would be a double blessing for you. With Asmodeus dead and Captain Snow held to his oath you could live in safety from both. And while I'm on the subject, my friend Julian the cat is quite harmless. He will not hunt you. Any time you need something from the barn, you have his permission to take it, providing you do so quietly, with no fighting or arguing. That is all I have to say to you, save for one thing. Lead me to the quarry."

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Matthias felt his temper rising. He shouted angrily at the self-opinionated bird, "I don't care if he's got magic eyes, poison teeth, coils of steel, or whatever! I mean to have that sword! I'll steal it from the snake or fight him for it. If I have to I'll?

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Redtooth swaggered back and forth on the churchyard paving as he recited the formula from memory. "Right, eyes front. You're in the service of Cluny the Scourge now, me buckoes! Desert and you'll be killed. Retreat and you're under

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Cluny closed his eyes, intent upon keeping his present good mood. "Then get going, and try to get it right this time.""Those nuts are for that poor little sparrow. Leave them alone, you great glutton," she scolded.touch the wall. To your right you will find a gap in the wall. On the other side of that gap you will come out about halfway up the wall of Great Hall. It is a ledge between the arches of the sandstone columns. From there you must climb up to a higher row of ledges alongside the stained-glass windows. Scale the rib in the center of the first window to the left. You will find yourself on a wooden ridge that runs along parallel to the curve of the roof. Further along that ridge there is another wooden loft door. I'm sorry, but I cannot locate it exactly; you must find it yourself. When you do, go through it and you should be directly underneath the top roof attic. From there on you are on your own. I cannot help you, Matthias.""The otters! The otters!"

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by sentries. Once at the church he would discover where the piece of tapestry was kept; then he would create a diversion of some kind. While Cluny's horde was occupied he would snatch the tapestry and get back to Redwail with all speed.

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They sat and stared at Methuselah in amazement. A solution of stunning simplicity had been found.The Warrior Mouse strode out into the crowd. He pointed his blade at the quivering Warlord.Old Sela had lived on her wits for many years. She was a counterspy by nature. In any dispute or conflict she invariably sold secrets to both sides. It was a dangerous game, but one that she had played well thus far. Her crafty, golden eyes had not been idle for a second since entering Cluny's camp.

"Well, warrior mouse. What do you think of your brave Redwall defenders now? Huh, not much, I imagine! I'm going to let you stay up there and witness some drastic changes."

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