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The young fox took off like a rocket. Fangburn leaned on his cutlass. "That's the way to deal with young uns."When it stood fully open, Matthias put his paw around Methuselah's thin shoulders.Methuselah pursed his lips in annoyance. "You know, Matthias, for a mouse that claims affinity with Martin the Warrior, you can be singularly foolish sometimes."Jess elbowed her way through the throng. She kissed Mr. Squirrel, patted her son Silent Sam upon the head, then shook paws with Constance, Matthias and Methuselah. With a brisk cheery manner she scooped up a handful of soil, rubbing it into her paws to give some extra gripping power.

"Tell me true. Could you climb them?"

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"She may be a fox, but she'll never outfox me," Cluny thought to himself. Sela had assured him that with three weeks' rest,.combined with her healing skills, he would be fighting fit once more.

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The rubble scattered as Matthias dug away madly. "I think I've found what we're after! There's some sort of shape in the stone down here. Trouble is, there's too much rubbish on top of it. I think we need Foremole's help again."'don't look. Run for your life!' And that's exactly what we did, sir. Oh, you'll never know how horrible it was. I'd rather be tied in a blazin* barn than go back there, so I would! The great scaly body of the?*

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was a new hazard. Some inventive rat had devised a fearsome weapon: chunks of iron grave-railings from the churchyard, strung to lengths of cord. The rats would swing the cord round and round, gaining momentum until, judging the right direction, they loosed the cord. The missiles sped upwards, two or three times higher than the wall, almost out of sight; then they would plummet downwards, whistling viciously, to burst on the ramparts. Any defender struck by a missile was either instantly killed or horribly maimed. Even if the iron missed its target, the stones and shattered metal fragments ricocheted about dangerously.

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The little squirrel shook his head. He pointed to the floor with his paw in a gesture that Matthias interpreted as "Stop here."


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