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"Asmodeussssssssssss!"Cluny ran about in a berserk rage. Temporarily bereft of his senses, he seized hold of smoldering, injured rats, some with their fur alight.

"Ah, Brother Fangburn, let me explain. I will tell you why it is that you and all your kind will forever remain servants, while I shall always be the master. Did you not see the faces of those mice today? The mere mention of Martin the Warrior sends them into ecstasies. Don't you see, he is their symbol. His name means the same to those mice as mine does to the horde: in a different way maybe. Martin is some sort of angel; I'm the opposite. Think for a moment. If anything were to happen to me, you'd all be a leaderless rabble, a headless mob. So, if the mice were to lose their most precious omen, the picture of Martin, where would that leave them?"Killconey performed one of her most elaborate salutes. "The tunnel is goin' very well, yer honor."Matthias bowed deferentially to her. "Thank you. Dun-wing. You are a very brave sparrow. You put yourself and Warbeak in great peril, saving me as you did."

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The Warlord began to wish that he had brought along more ferrets and weasels. They possessed good natural climbing ability, and that weasel - what was his name? Scragg - he'd been an enormous help, boosting and encouraging the others, even organizing the lifting up of the plank. Cluny made a mental note for future reference. Officer material, that one. Despite all efforts, however, they were still below the edge of die parapet. Higher up, the elm branches became thin and whippy, not strong enough to support the plank's weight.

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sation. And though, unfortunately, he could not hear what they said, their behavior was secretive enough to make Cluny sure he was right. They were planning a double cross!

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All the sparrows laughed loud and long, vying with each other to show the most merriment. The King was a completely unpredictable tyrant. When he made a joke it wasMatthias had never stayed up all night in his life. He was just a bit tired, but strangely excited. Great events seemed to have been set in motion by his news.Obediently everybody laughed with the mad monarch."Look, what a golden opportunity! There's the Scourge himself, all dressed up to kill. We'll never get another chance like this."

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"My, my, fancy leaving a beautiful gold chain like you all on your own."

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Happiness filled Matthias from tail to whiskers as he bobbed a quick bow to his superior and shuffled off. Smiling benignly, the Abbot watched him go. Little rascal, he must have a word with the Almoner, to see if some sandals could be found that were the right fit for Matthias. Small wonder the poor mouse kept tripping up!241


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