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125Matthias sighed wearily.Skullface swallowed nervously and licked his dry lips.

Cluny was almost in reach of his goal when Constance appeared on the parapet. She gave the plank a mighty kick, sending it off into space!Having spoken his piece Matthias felt his confidence surge back. He stood tense and alert. However, he received no answer, save the mocking echo of his own voice ringing back at him through the dark woodlands.The scabbard of Martin's sword! Surely the sword must be somewhere close by? Matthias wished that he could see around the back of the chair to confirm his discovery, but he had to bring himself back to the issue at hand.

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Abbot Mortimer sat in his carved willow chair, beaming thanks as one by one the new arrivals laid their simple home-"Ah, Matthias, there you are," Methuselah squeaked.

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"Oh, go away," the young mouse muttered drowsily. "Get someone else. I'm tired.""Come on, Log-a-Log. We'll have to go in there. Be as quiet as you can."

Cheesethief smirked triumphantly. "It's these two foxes, Chief. I caught them with their ears against the door. They were listening in."

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337The startled sparrow shot downwards and stopped with a jerk, only thick neck feathers saving her from strangulation. Matthias held the lead tightly with both paws, straining backwards as the sparrow dangled and fluttered over Great Hall.

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