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33147The adder bunched his sinewy coils and shot through the skin-hung opening. He bared his evil poisoned fangs. No mouse was going to steal the sword of the serpent.Matthias gave the loft door a strong shove upwards and slid it to one side. He covered his eyes and coughed as the dust of ages poured down upon his head.

The old mouse took a great draught of ale. Cackling with glee, he pointed a paw at Matthias. "I know something that you don't know . . . 'am that is' . . . Matthias."Damn that badger's hide! She'd taken the plans from Sela

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"I think that you would have been in trouble without Silent Sam here, Matthias," the Abbot said."Maybe we'd better go and see," suggested Ambrose.

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"Nice, good belt. Mouse know of great sword?"

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"Oh yes, indeed I do. It means that Martin somehow knew that one day he would live on through you.""Darkclaw's right," agreed Fangburn. "The three of us will take charge of the whole business."

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With a total lack of sorrow for his deceased parent, Chickenhound began figuring out his next move. He would have to He low in this stinking ditch until darkness fell. Even though he was severely hurt, the irony of the situation caused the young fox a silent snigger. It was he, not his mother, who had outwitted Cluny. Now he would soon be free with die revised plans of the attack upon Redwall Abbey. Surely that would be worth something?

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Neither of them was aware of the inquisitive, beaked face of a sparrow who watched them from the corner of a stained-glass window. It noted the would-be intruders, then flew off.

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