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The Abbot pointed to the tapestry, shaking his head. "See, my old gatehouse-keeper's last good work. He restored Martin to his place of honor. Methuselah was the gentlest mouse 1 ever knew. Oh what a tragic waste of two lives: one who spent his years in search of knowledge, the other cut down before his tree of youth had chance to blossom!"hare was quite a kindly creature really, all bark and no bite at all. He shared the tasks with them, working as hard as anyone.

Matthias was lost for words. He laid his head against the mother sparrow's soft feathers, brushing a tear from his173Fangburn struggled free. Angrily he jabbed at Redtooth with his spear. "You dare try anything with that blunt old breadknife, and I'll spear your gizzard before you can blink an eye!"Jess and Sam were congratulated heartily by all. Smiles appeared on faces that had been gloomy shortly before. Sam bowed graciously each time he was thanked. Nobody was refusing him permission to be up on the wall now.

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The ancient mouse placed his paws on his young friend's shoulders. His voice trembled as he bade goodbye. "Good fortune go with you, Matthias. I wish that I were young and agile once again so that I could accompany you."

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"Scout the area. See if you can find a better lodging for us than this heap of rubble. Trail back to the west. I think we passed a big place on the way."246The shimmering heat waves from the road reverberated to the shouts of the horde: "Cluny, Cluny, kill, kill, kill!"

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Above him on the roof, Dunwing had lost her footing. The sparrow's claws screeched and grated on the roofing slates as the weighted rope pulled her downwards on the steep slope. Dunwing leaned back, trying to dig her claws in somewhere to check the inexorable slide. The broken gutter edge loomed up, surprisingly bringing with it a desperate chance. With lightning speed, Dunwing tugged hard on the rope, gaining a little slack. Giving a skillfull flick, she jammed the tope in the niche of the broken stone edge. It slipped for a moment, then held. Flying out, Dunwing took a few extra turns upon the rope, locking it firmly off on the projecting edge. Letting go of her end, the sparrow flew down underneath Matthias. She started pushing him

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