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162arrival.The rat placed his foot on the weasel's throat and began pressing down. Scragg struggled feebly, fighting for breath, unable to stop his tormentor. Cheesethief took malicious pleasure in his revenge. Cruelly he leaned his full weight upon die weasel's rasping throat. "Hush now. Go to sleep, Scragg. Dream of the command you never had.""Aye, and that one on the back! He looked like the Devil himself.""Could you tell me where I might find him, please?" Matthias asked.Bong!

slipped and fell down a hidden gap between the bales. Scrambling and clutching, he plunged down to the floor."Play with fire, you'll get yourself burned," warned the hare.2OLog-a-Log had gone rigid with fright. He stood petrified. Matthias had begun digging furiously at the wall with his sword point. He gouged and thrusted, muttering to himself. "At least we've got nothing to lose but a sword and our lives. There might be something on the other side.""Asmodeus, Asmodeusssssssssss!"

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"Come on, you lot! On your feet! Stand up straight, you mice! Step aside there! Make way for Cluny the Scourge!""Oh dear, I'll have to get that young mouse some sandals that aren't so big," the Abbot said to himself for the second time that day."Well, bless m'soul. Miss Cornflower. I do believe that our little soldier 'ere has spotted a hobject. There's a creature a layin* down there, but I'm blowed if it's fish or fowl, there's so much mud and dust plastered on it," whispered the hedgehog. "You stay put, Missy. I'll go and fetch help."

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"Yurr, oi reckon they pesky varmints got'n an 'eadache," chuckled Foremole, as everybody on the ramparts ran to seek cover from the retaliatory missiles hurled by Cluny's horde.

"Shadow, is that you?"

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Warbeak uttered a stream of curses as she stumbled on the brick. Matthias waited as she picked herself up. "Tut tut, such language for a young sparrow."Silent Sam clenched his little paws over his head. He shook them like a tiny champion. Nobody in all the world was a better climber than his mother."Asmodeussssssssssssssss!''Now that they were on the run, this was the proper time to consolidate a resounding Redwall victory!Jess Squirrel was lowered over the ramparts on a rope. She went swiftly down and inspected the door. In a short while she was back up again to report that although there were many deep dents and at least two long cracks, the old gatehouse door was still holding well.

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them off, then you can double back through the churchyard and up the road to Red wall. They'll never think of searching along that way."

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The sight of an injured animal distressed the Abbot, but he decided wisely to leave matters to Jess. The squirrel knew what she was doing.Cluny stooped inside the tunnel workings, surrounded by as many of his followers as could pack in without causing mass suffocation. Killconey held Cluny's cloak over the entrance hole. Outside the air resounded with buzzing and pitiful screams.46

"Tell Sela that the Abbot will see her two days from tonight at ten o'clock in Mossflower Wood. She must come to the old tree stump, and mind you tell her ?no tricks!"

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