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269"Me fly out on to roof. Hold other end of rope plenty tight. You swing out. No worry, me pullee up."Two mice within Redwall.Fierce quarreling broke out. Swords were being drawn as Matthias sought out Log-a-Log and took the black stone from him.

Cluny marched automatically, shaking his head in disbelief.Knowing that the badger was far more experienced than himself, Matthias assumed the role of second-in-command. "Right, Cornflower, get in the cart and take charge of the mothers and babies," he said. "Mr. Fieldmouse, Mr. Church-mouse, up front with Constance, please."214"I suppose you're right," Killconey said. "But listen. The rest of the army mustn't get to know about the Chief, otherwise they'll desert. Y'know, I can't seriously believe that Cluny's out of his mind, just you wait and see. It's probably just another grand ould plan he's thinking up."

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"And how many would you say there were of these rats?" Father Abbot asked.98

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rose."Oh, Majesty, that good belt. Make King look fine, like mighty warrior. Not look so good on mouse."

Matthias crumbled more bread for the ants. "Then the Warrior's sword is only a fable?"

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Matthias risked a swift glance over his shoulder. There was a rat clumsily trying to stalk him, a fat awkward-looking rodent, but nevertheless an enemy. The young mouse strode onwards, his mind working coolly and without fear, confident that he could handle the situation.Winifred the otter was standing nearby. She slung a stone hard, nodded in satisfaction at the resultant scream, and joined the two friends. "Aye, I'm inclined to agree with you, Jess. The Scourge has probably figured some new move. This attack may only be a cover. By the way, is there any word from Foremole and his crew?"There was a strong murmur of agreement from around the table.

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The baby squirrel continued sucking on its paw.

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whatever evil vision it was dreaming. Sweat like ice water drenched Matthias's fur. Asmodeus had opened his eye while still remaining asleep. There was no other explanation possible.

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