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Reflects the North.228Cluny remained riveted to the spot, his eye staring upwards. Before he had time to think it was too late. . . .Basil puffed out his narrow chest as he absentmindedly ate one of Matthias's quince tarts. "Adders in Mossflower? Now let me see. No, 1 don't suppose there are nowadays. There was talk of one a long time back, but 1 shouldn't think he's around anymore. Filthy reptiles, adders. Nothing like stags, y'know. Now what the devil was that adder chap's name? No, I can't remember it for the life of me." "Could it be Asmodeus?" Matthias inquired innocently. Basil Stag Hare dropped a half-eaten apple pie on the i bedside table. He was suddenly very serious.Matthias repeated the message from Julian. "Squire Gingi-vere says, sir, that if you were to admit yourself in the wrongUsing the plank as an improvised stretcher they carefully lifted Cluny on to it. Cheesethief knew Cluny was watching him. Tenderly he lifted the dangling tail and arranged it gently alongside his leader. "Try not to move. Chief. Lie still, we'll soon get you back to camp."

"Oh yes, Father. I'd agree with Constance. At least four hundred."was a heroic-looking mouse with a fearless smile on his handsome face. Clad in armor, he leaned casually on an impressive sword, while behind him foxes, wildcats and vermin fled in terror. The young mouse gazed in admiration."No fear, I'm only a ferret. You're a naturally superior rat. You'd better go first."The rats tried to circle Matthias. One got too near. A heftyMatthias winced and leaned against the banister. "Yes. As a matter of fact, I'm just going to my room for a good long rest. But don't you worry, before long I'll make those rats pay dearly for hurting your father."

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"Kill her! Kill the dirty little swindler!" Cluny's cry rang out. But before a spear or a missile could be thrown, Jess had gone. She darted from tree to tree with artistic speed. Far above Mossfiower ground in the upmost terraces of foliage, the champion squirrel turned her flight in the direction of Redwall Abbey."I saw it, but I don't believe it!"Sela attempted to save the situation. "Please, sir, take no notice of the young fool. All he meant was that when you said dig?

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Matthias managed to stand again. He bowed shakily. "I beg your pardon, sir. It was purely accidental. I fell, you see. Please accept my humble apologies. I am Matthias of Red wall and I sincerely hope I have not disturbed you in any way."

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In silent Indian file they began the descent. The going was not too hard. There were lots of handholds and steps and the sandy rock was quite firm, not at all slippery. It took less than an hour for the three friends to climb down. They stood together on the Bat quarry floor gazing around.56"Harr, warra you'm be about, a layin' in yon road?"

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"Greetings, oh mighty warrior," he giggled. "Savior of the shrews, slayer of Poisonteeth; he who speaks with cats, friendmaker of owls and uniter of?

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'? ground.152

Constance's back hairs bristled. She gave an angry growl followed by a fierce bark. The mice huddled together with fright. Nobody had ever seen a snarling, angry badger at a Council meeting.

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