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Down long ages the beautiful old Abbey had stood for happiness, peace and refuge to all. Diligent mice tended the neat little vegetable patches which every season gave forth an abundance of fresh produce: cabbages, sprouts, marrows, turnips, peas, carrots, tomatoes, lettuces and onions, all in their turn. Flowerbeds, heady and fragrant with countless varieties of summer blooms from rose to humble daisy, were planted by the mice and husbanded by the hard-working bee folk, who in their turn rewarded Redwall with plentiful supplies of honey and beeswax.He quickly turned his face away, knowing she could see his tears.344The two rats stumbled off through the woods in different directions.Cluny spat over the edge of the cart at two young rabbits playing in a field. Tasty little things; a pity the cart hadn't stopped yet, he thought. The high warm sun shone down on Cluny the Scourge.

Swish. Crack!Matthias was not sure whether Warbeak knew of his mission to bring back Martin's sword; certainly Dunwing did not. The young mouse had had a good look round most of the Court, but the sword was not to be seen. Matthias reasoned , that it must be in the one place he had not yet explored: the private chamber of the King. He thought long and hard about how he might obtain access to the royal apartment. He did not want to cause trouble for his friends, nor did he want tbem to suspect what he had come for. And supposing he did regain the sword, the next problem would be how"It's not budging," he”Suddenly it became clear to Matthias. "Oh, I see," he cried, "'From o'er the threshold' means that we must stand on the wall directly above the gatehouse."

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"Right, first things first! Must get you across to the church, young feller me mouse. I say, that green thingummyjig you're wearin' - habit, isn't it? Capital camouflage. You just try lying down anywhere in the shadows. Believe you me, you'd have trouble finding yourself. Top hole-cover, absolutely!""Skullface," Cluny snapped."I'm like an old bad penny, I always come back," Matthias whispered.

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Basil Stag Hare superintended the willing creatures who carried logs and ruling to shore up the gatehouse entrance. The hare had brought a touch of military efficiency to bear upon the exercise. He had formed the volunteers into a living chain which constantly passed the defense materials along.They crept along under cover of the hedge towards the big dwelling of the mouse folk. Rats were hunters; thankfully they had not noticed him. The frog stayed motionless and let them pass. It was none of his business.

Methuselah took a sip from Matthias's milk bowl. "Sometimes I think you have a very old head for such a young mouse. What more do you wish to know about Martin the Warrior?"

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vhat I have to.your feet up, you lily-livered scum! Come on, lift that ram properly, you idle devils.""Right, come on, you two, we've only got half a day left."

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"Ha, but that's only the first stage," said Jess. "Here's the second."The young mouse continued to ignore him. Log-a-Log slumped down.

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