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"Ferret Gate, Stoat Orchard, Weasel Bell. Hahahahaha-haha!"339Constance hauled upon her rope. It was no hard task for a fully-grown badger. On the other ropes there were creatures that could not compare with her for strength, but they hauled and pulled with an equally good will. Cornflower and Silent Sam kept busy supplying cool drinks and sweat cloths. The repair work went ahead at a steady pace."Fur and whisker, tooth and claw, All who enter by our door. Nuts and herbs, leaves and fruits, Berries, tubers, plants and roots, Silver fish whose life we take Only for a meal to make."

your feet up, you lily-livered scum! Come on, lift that ram properly, you idle devils."Cluny cursed inwardly. For all his show of force and arrogance, he had made a strategical error.Matthias shook his head. "What do you make of that?"

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"Up higher than before. I'm near the roof indeed, The King gave me a collar, His sister holds the lead."There was Guosim seated with her back against the wall!With a score of Guerrilla Shrews in their wake the two companions set off for Mossflower on the double.

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/(is the Summer of the Talking Squirrel!The young mouse lost track of time until he became aware of the sun starting to sink in a reddening sky heralding the twilight. Surely the snake must pass this way soon!

Matthias set to work with an energetic goodwill. He scrubbed vigorously, sending up clouds of dust. Between sneezes Methuselah hurried to keep pace with him.

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Redtooth screamed in terror as he felt himself leave the ground to go spinning aloft over the badger's head. With his tail pulled taut and the wind whistling through his fangs, Redtooth howled as the trees went by in a green blur. Like an athlete throwing the hammer, Constance whirled on her hind legs, faster and faster, until suddenly she threw her burden with a colossal heave.Cornflower was only picking up one word in three, but by the fierce scowl on Foremole's face, she was certain that the rats would not find it a pleasant experience being given "owd 'any."

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Basil shook paws with Matthias. "Good mouse. Right, cut along, young 'un. I'll see you when I deliver my charges back to the Abbey."

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the big badger and another strange-looking creature, equally well built."Well, Matthias, you've only yourself to blame. You asked Brother Anthony to hit out at you and, my word, he certainly

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