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"Me tella 'bout sword case," Dunwing said bitterly. "King Bull Sparra be frighten to tella rest of Sparra that he lose sword. Huh, he not know Greytail tell me, but I watch King, Dunwing know. Bull Sparra still pretend sword in case. That way he stay King. If I tella, he killee me and Warbeak, this 1 know. Someday Warbeak my eggchick be Queen. She have royal blood, then Sparra folk be better, be happy. Bull Sparra rule for now, huh, lose heart, lose sword. No good crazy bird, Bull Sparra.""Get down, you nincompoops," Cluny hissed. "Don't try to outclimb a squirrel. See if you can keep her near the ground while I think what to do."

43The hare had cast off his leg bandage. Now that he was back in active service the "honorable war wound" was completely forgotten.touch the wall. To your right you will find a gap in the wall. On the other side of that gap you will come out about halfway up the wall of Great Hall. It is a ledge between the arches of the sandstone columns. From there you must climb up to a higher row of ledges alongside the stained-glass windows. Scale the rib in the center of the first window to the left. You will find yourself on a wooden ridge that runs along parallel to the curve of the roof. Further along that ridge there is another wooden loft door. I'm sorry, but I cannot locate it exactly; you must find it yourself. When you do, go through it and you should be directly underneath the top roof attic. From there on you are on your own. I cannot help you, Matthias."

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witless mob of mice. Now Martin is mine, it is more fitting that he travels at the head of real warriors. He will lead us to victory!"

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Fangburn shoved her roughly. "Sit down. You're not going anywhere."


But Sela the fox would!249

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Matthias thanked his lucky stars that he had once more come out alive. Had he refused to give the belt he would surely have died. Anyhow, he reflected, it was only a temporary loan. As he planned on stealing the scabbard from Bull Sparra, why not the belt to go with it?

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"No fear, I'm only a ferret. You're a naturally superior rat. You'd better go first.""Are you sure?" said Matthias in astonishment.

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