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The hare tinkled a small brass bell on the bedside table. Within seconds Friar Hugo and Cornflower appeared."What about the first two lines?" Matthias said. "They seem fairly obvious, too. Between Great Hall and Cavern Hole there is a flight of stairs. Come on, old mouse.""Yes, I will, smarty rat!""Ah, well," Jess sighed as she picked up her bow and notched an arrow to it. "We'd better make sure he has a home to come back to. On with the war, friends.""Hey! Steady on, old mouse! What are you up to?" cried Matthias.

A minute or two later all four were standing on the gatehouse wall, shoulder to shoulder with countless other defenders. Cluny's horde was retreating, back down the road to their camp at St. Ninian's Church. There was a wild cheering from the ranks of the mice and woodlanders.Outside in the churchyard the leaderless horde did absolutely nothing to reorganize. Sitting about licking their"Well at least," Matthias thought aloud, "if 1 lose sight of this fellow I'll be able to hear him."Methuselah felt himself in the presence of one many times older than he. Lanterns held high, the two mice advanced through the doorway.Cluny nodded his approval. Scurvy rats, hungry ferrets, sly weasels, bad stoats - exactly what he needed.

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Quaking with fear, Chickenhound held his breath as the woodland juggernaut thundered by within a couple of yards of the hideout. He listened hopefully as the path of destruction trailed off into the distance of Mossflower. Once more the woods grew quiet.

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Matthias gave a lopsided grin. He shrugged cheerfully. "Don't worry about me, Father Abbot. I'll be all right."

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Winifred shrugged. "Well let's just hope that it was Cluny. Personally, Pd like to think that he's lying somewhere down there now, dead as a doornail."The step in question proved to be as solid and unmoving as its counterparts. Even with their combined strength, the friends could not budge it a fraction.Constance arrived just as the victim fell wounded. Shadow turned on her with the dagger upraised. Constance swung her paw round in a mighty arc, and it caught Shadow square on the chin. The force of the blow lifted the thief clean off his feet, and, before Constance could grab hold of him, he overbalanced and hurtled over the edge of the parapet with a horrible scream. Downwards he plunged, his body thudding oflfthe unyielding masonry. He landed in the wet roadway with a sickening crunch.In a fighting fury, Matthias grabbed the scabbard. He used it like a sword, smashing it mercilessly once, twice, thrice, into the Sparra King's face. The force of the blows from the weighty sword case knocked Bull Sparra senseless. He toppled from the roof out into space. Matthias screamed in panic. The King's claws were still caught fast in the sword belt.Where was die fragment of tapestry?

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Cluny gave a big imitation snore and smacked his lips contentedly. Some day he must learn to play chess. He bet himself that he would be unbeatable.A long whippy larch branch sprang forward suddenly. It crashed into Ragear's head, poleaxing him.

Matthias unbuckled the belt and handed it over. King Bull fondled it, then fastened it on himself. As he admired the belt, strutting in front of the broken mirror, the sparrow spoke in a normal voice.

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