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BOOK ONEShe made her way to the door. Fangburn and Redtooth stood barring it.This crafty statement did the trick. After a few whispered words between the two rats, Redtooth turned to Sela. "Listen, fox, you can go out into the churchyard and tell your assistant to run this errand, but Fangburn here will be right beside you with a cutlass in your ribs. One false move out of you, and you'll be a dead healer. Is that clear?"

"North," said Sela.322They shook paws and ventured out on to the common land: Basil Stag Hare, camouflage expert and foot fighter, in the lead; Jess Squirrel, champion climber and pathfinder, close behind him. They were like twin cloud-shadows drifting silently across the land."Exactly!" Cluny shouted. "I'd had my eye on Cheesethief for quite a while! He was doing a fair piece of ordering about without my permission. Why, I bet he ordered some of you lads around while I was gone."Shortly after there was a huge fire burning in the ditch. The horde gathered close by to see what Cluny was up to. The crackling flames gave off waves of heat, causing everyone to step back. Above the ditch the air shimmered and danced.

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29939Foremole tugged his nose in salute. "Harr, we'm dum now, zurrs, oi'll bid ye g'day."

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As complete darkness descended, a shrew sneaked up through the grass and tapped Matthias's shoulder.

The badger stared sadly at the scorched earth. "True, no side uses fire as a weapon, not even Cluny. It is the one thing that spells certain death to creatures on both sides. We must look on it as an accident, Father Abbot."

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Some sixth sense warned Constance to get off the road to a hiding place. The powerful badger gave a mighty heave. Her blunt claws churned the roadside soil as she propelled the cart through a gap in the hawthorn hedge, down to the slope of the ditch where she dug her paws in, holding the cart still and secure while John Churchmouse and Cornflower's father jumped out and wedged the wheels firmly with stones.A moment later he was gone.Basil Stag Hare kicked out at them. When he had driven the rats off, he faced Cluny boldly.Twixt Hall and Cavern Hole.

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Jess placed her paws on the fat mouse's shoulders. The squirrel's face was a mixture of sadness and concern.

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The massive ram shuddered as it smashed against the gatehouse door. With Cheesethief shouting encouragement, the ram-carriers took a short run back and battered the door again.Exerting the full strength of a female badger, she lifted the massive Cavern Hole dining table. It was a huge solid oaken thing that no dozen mice could even move. Dishes clattered and food spilled as Constance heaved the table above her head. Her voice was a roar. "Get out, rats! Leave this Abbey! I'm weary of your voices. Hurry before 1 break the laws of hospitality and ask the Abbot's pardon later. Go, while you still have skulls."The Abbot folded his paws within his wide sleeves. "It goes well for us, old one, though how I can say that anything goes well which causes death and injury to living creatures is beyond me. We live in strange times, my friend."

"Oh my whiskers, what a mess."

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