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Methuselah took a sip from Matthias's milk bowl. "Sometimes I think you have a very old head for such a young mouse. What more do you wish to know about Martin the Warrior?"His long ragged black cloak was made of batwings, fastened at the throat with a mole skull. The immense war helmet he wore had the plumes of a blackbird and the horns of a stag beetle adorning it. From beneath the slanted visor his one eye glared viciously out at the Abbey before him."Did your friends the rats do this?"Jess elbowed her way through the throng. She kissed Mr. Squirrel, patted her son Silent Sam upon the head, then shook paws with Constance, Matthias and Methuselah. With a brisk cheery manner she scooped up a handful of soil, rubbing it into her paws to give some extra gripping power."Please drink this and lie still," she ordered.The Abbot bowed and placed his paws within his wide habit sleeves. "So be it," he said with great solemnity. "I leave the salvation of Redwall to you, my commanders."

"Please tell me, late rose, where will I find the sword?" The topmost rose quivered. He watched it blossom before his eyes. At the center of the blooming petals was the face of Methuselah. "Matthias, my friend, I can help you no more. Seek out the aid of Martin. I must go now."Cornflower's parents sat inside the cart, her mum helping Mrs. Churchmouse with the little ones, while her dad chatted away with John Churchmouse as they shared a pipe of old bracken twist."Stow the gab! Keep your eyes on the fox," Redtooth snarled.The deceivers spoke together.

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With great love and care, Methuselah was putting the final touches to his repair of the tapestry. Only a very sharp-eyed observer would be able to tell that it had once been torn. The warning shouts caused him to stop what he was doing. He turned to see the fox racing towards the door with Friar Hugo trailing far behind, shouting for all he was worth.Sam jumped down from his mother's knee. The barrel was

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Look for the swordJess's keen ears caught every word the Warlord had said. The plan had worked! She threw a hard spiky nut and called to Cluny: "Hey, ratface! Do you actually think that you've got 'this one' trapped? Ha, I'm about as trapped as a skylark in the air on a clear day! There's not one of you can get near me."

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When it stood fully open, Matthias put his paw around Methuselah's thin shoulders."Have you seen Matthias?" the Abbot asked. "He's been missing from his room since yesterday afternoon."

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"Right, first things first! Must get you across to the church, young feller me mouse. I say, that green thingummyjig you're wearin' - habit, isn't it? Capital camouflage. You just try lying down anywhere in the shadows. Believe you me, you'd have trouble finding yourself. Top hole-cover, absolutely!"

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"It's not budging," he muttered."Hello there," he said, as cheering as he could. "How is your father?"Leaning across the parapet, Constance and her friends watched the panic-stricken animals descending. Winifred the otter managed to speed up the retreat with a few well-aimed stones from her sling. The defenders viewed their work with grim satisfaction.

/(is the Summer of the Talking Squirrel!

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