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"Break his paws."The sly old devil was definitely up to something, he was certain of it.A small green spiky chestnut still in its husk bounced off the vociferous ferret's head. Jess moved higher to a branch, with a more plentiful supply. She waved the decoy tapestry at Cluny."A little bit of both, I suppose," said the young mouse. "Do you know much about Captain Snow and Asmodeus?"Below, jess Squirrel clamped a paw across her mouth in horror. She heard the scream and saw Matthias and Bull Sparra topple from the roof, locked together by the sword belt. They fell outwards into space from the topmost point of the Abbey roof."There's only one thing we can do," replied the stolid Darkclaw. "We've got to carry it through ourselves while the Chiefs not well."Matthias stopped and looked serious. "Yes, there is, Basil. But I feel reluctant to ask you to involve yourself in my fight."

Warbeak undid the collar. It fell from Matthias's neck. "Mousefriend set me free. Now me set you free. Warbeak go now, Matthias. Good wormhunt."Chickenhound finally exhaled a long sigh of relief. Once again the newly self-titled overlord of crime had outsmarted a couple of mere animals. Who on earth did they think they were? When word got around of his daring exploits other creatures would come to him, foxes perhaps. Yes, he could see it all, Chickenhound at the head of a band of robber foxes, plundering and thieving wherever the whim took him. Of course he would change his name to a title more fitted to his position: Redflash, or Nightfang, or maybe Mousedeath. Yes, he liked the sound of that, Mousedeath! His band of minions would admire him, telling each other tales of his astonishing deeds, convinced that the mysterious Mousedeath had always been an infamous thief, unaware of his humble beginnings as Chickenhound, son of Old Sela."First rank, forward again. Fire!"124

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An air of apprehension lay across the camp in the meadow. Cheesethief was dead. Pierced by an immense arrow and dressed in Cluny's best battle armor, he lay amid the wreckage of the leader's tent. Not one of the horde dared go near the gruesome scene lest they be found in a position of blame upon Cluny's return.

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Chins went up, heads tilted back, the crowd below followed the ascent of the plucky Jess Squirrel. By this time she seemed to the watchers to be rapidly diminishing in size as she forged upwards.Warbeak sighed wistfully. She looked longingly on as her uncle found the package of candied chestnuts and ripped it open. Bull Sparra dubiously sampled one. His face lit up with pleasure. "This good food for Sparra King. Not good for mouseworm. Me keep."

Fangburn hazarded a guess. "To keep us out, Chief?"

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"Read 'em the articles, Redtooth," he snapped."You, fox!" Cluny snarled. "Where's the special herb you went to search for?"The old gatehouse-keeper raised an admonitory paw. "Patience, young one, patience. Let us take stock and review the facts. Lend me your knife for a moment."The badger's natural curiosity was aroused. She came over and stood between the two mice. After a cursory glance she threw up her paws in mock despair. "Oh no, not more puzzles and riddles?"

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The big badger was uneasy. She knew this one, a fox from Old Sela's brood. You needed eyes in the back of your head to watch that lot!

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Abbot Mortimer was the first to admit that he had been mistaken. "The intelligence brought to us by our friend Constance is conclusive. Cluny will never rest until he has Redwall under his heel; therefore I feel that I must apologize for my misjudgment of the situation. You, my commanders, were right, and now, thanks to Cluny, we know the secret details of the enemy horde's next attack."Dawn arrived as if it were aware of the previous night's events. Heavy grey skies and steady rain prevailed over Redwall and the Mossflower area.

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