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Shortly after twelve o'clock Matthias awakened. The noontime sunlight flooded the room. Basil was flat on his back snoring stentoriously. Although his shoulder still throbbed, Matthias felt fit and refreshed - well enough to travel; He knew, however, that he must act with stealth and secrecy. If die Abbot or Cornflower or any of his friends knew of his scheme he would have no chance at all. They would make certain he was confined to bed until further notice.Unexpectedly Bull Sparra's mood changed for the worse. He crumpled the empty dock-leaf packet and hurled it into Matthias's face."Thinking caps on again," said the old mouse. "Let's make a close inspection of these steps."Methuselah's words caused widespread consternation. There was much agitated nibbling of paws. Nobody could doubt he spoke the truth; he was already old and wise when theInstantly Matthias was on his guard. One wrong word might spell death for Dunwing and Warbeak. He must affect ignorance to allay the King's suspicions.

"Tell the Father Abbot what you want, sly one," she rasped sternly.With wild yells very uncharacteristic of peaceful mice, the friends seized their staves and charged out, fired with new zeal. After a while Constance accompanied the Abbot to see Mr. Fieldmouse, while Matthias went with Methuselah to Great Hall. Together they surveyed the torn tapestry.Shrieking and screaming for mercy, the foxes were dragged away. Cluny turned back to the ferrets, weasels and stoats.

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Matthias tripped a rat with the branch. He was learning to take Basil in his stride.The young mouse frowned. So, the old one had finally cracked. He was in his second infancy.Sometime before dawn he became aware of movement and sound nearby. Carefully, Matthias slitted one eyelid open. His feet were warm. He felt the extra weight of a blanket that had been draped over him while he was asleep.

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?mother. I will not rest until justice is done to her murderers." The Abbot patted the young fox's paw. "Thank you for entrusting your confidence in us, young one. Close your eyes now, and try to get some rest."

"I do hope that Mrs. Squirrel hasn't decided to sleep in," said Matthias. "She'll need an early start if she's going to make it back by lunchtime."

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"Oh, spare me your platitudes, mouse," Julian replied in a world-weary voice. "What would you know about loneliness and trying to preserve one's standards in a decaying world? I say, do you think you could manage to clean yourself up a bit? You look an absolute fright, standing there all covered in dust and straw. And while you're doing that maybe you'd like to explain how you came to be sneaking around my bam."Methuselah shook his head. "I'm too old. I can't climb up to the roof where they nest. Besides, the sparrows are odd birds, forever quarreling and chattering on in their strange voices. They are warlike creatures, extremely forgetful and completely savage. They'd throw you from the roof and kill you before you had a chance to get near their tribal nests. Yes, I'm far too old for that son of thing, Matthias, and anyhow, I'm not too sure that die sparrowhawk's story was true. Some birds can be dreadful liars when they have a mind to be."+? "Young mouse sit still," she said. "Now me tell you story.

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"What! I mean, sorry, Father Abbot, 1 didn't mean to be rude. I was trying to solve a problem, you see."

The f皒 stared down at the pitiful crumpled figure. He had not meant to hit him so hard.

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