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while some ugly great rodent and his band of yahoos run about conquering my countryside? Huh, never let it be said in the mess that Basil Stag Hare was backward in coming forward! Ask away, Matthias, you young curmudgeon."But for the gravity of the situation, Basil and Jess would have seen the chance for many a good laugh. What a difference between the antics of this rabble and the way in which the Abbey defenders went about their business of training! Jess observed that it was the contrast between slaving under a tyrant and voluntary cooperation that arose from determination and good fellowship.99Cluny might be making promotions. There were now three rat officers on the list of the dead.

All around the sides of the stone were detailed carvings, depicting scenes from Martin's life: deeds of valor and works of skillful healing. Lying along the top of the stone was a life-sized effigy of the Warrior. He was clothed in the familiar habit of a Redwall mouse, plain, with no trimmings.Had the mind of Cluny the Scourge finally snapped?"You didn't know I was a lancejack, did you, m'dear? Ah those were the days of the old Forty-Seventh Hare Border Rangers! That was the first time I ever clapped eyes on a stag! I say,.I'm not boring you, am I? Nod's as good as a wink to old bachelor Basil, y'know."

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The great snowy owl beckoned towards his hole with a sweeping wing. "Listen, mouse, you can't stand down there shouting up at me. Why not come into my lair, er, nest. Then we can chat together in comfort."Matthias was staggered. "He knew about me! Martin the Warrior knew my name! Can you imagine that?"

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"Do any of you know where a healer can be found? I don't mean one like those mice. I need a creature that knows the old ways, a gypsy, one who can cure anything for the right price."

"I will not need until tomorrow, rat. You can have my answer now. How dare you come here with your robber band to read articles of death and slavery to me? 1 tell you that neither you nor your army will ever set paw or claw inside Red wall, not while 1 or any of my creatures have breath in our bodies to fight and resist you. That is my solemn word."

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The sounds of the pursuers grew louder. They were gaining."Yurr moles, get outten th' loight. Let'n um dog at bone thurr."The young rescuer looked grim.Matthias spread his paws as if stating the obvious. "So King let mouse free. Wanta go back to mousehome."

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Chickenhound sniggered, but seeing the badger's stern expression, he quickly took control of himself.

Matthias saw that all the tiny thorns on the rose stems resembled small swords. He felt he should speak to the

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