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Having spoken his piece Matthias felt his confidence surge back. He stood tense and alert. However, he received no answer, save the mocking echo of his own voice ringing back at him through the dark woodlands."A fool, that's what 1 am! A little fool, climbing all this way to Be beaten by an old loft door."The long plank snaked out and upwards, coming to rest gently but firmly on the parapet edge. Scragg saluted Cluny. "Plank in position and ready, Chief."Beneath the Great Hall of Redwall, candles burned bright in their sconces. This was the Cavern Hole x>f the mice. What a night it was going to be!Chickenhound was hauled into the Abbey building and laid out on a bench. Abbot Mortimer shuffled up in his nightshirt, rubbing sleep from his eyes. He inspected the fox's wounds with a critical, practiced look and spoke dispassionately, "Well, fox, what do you want from us? No doubt Cluny your master has sent you here to spy."34012

"Er, yes. Er, I mean, what was that, Chief? . . . Oouch!" Fangburn hopped on one leg as Sela kicked his ankle to silence him."Harr, he'm be noice an' soft, sur. Baint no rock nor root to stop us'ns, straight furrer we'm a-thinking.""Here, what's happened? Where's Redtooth?" he asked anxiously."What is the law of Cluny?""Well at least," Matthias thought aloud, "if 1 lose sight of this fellow I'll be able to hear him."

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"That should do the trick!"The Abbot's eyes followed Methuselah's paw until he saw the tree in question. He studied it for a moment, then turned to the old mouse. "I see the top of an old elm tree growing out in the woods. But what is unusual about that?"Methuselah popped his head out briefly and beckoned. "Come into the study, Matthias. Oh, and bring that little horror too."

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"This message is for the Abbot's eyes only. It's important.""Now, explain yourself, mouse."

Jess Squirrel sat with her head between her paws. Mr. Squirrel had taken the inconsolable Silent Sam off to bed. Jess had explained fully to the Abbot and the Council how she had witnessed Matthias's fall from the roof with the sparrow. Instead of falling straight down, both creatures had been swept out of Jess's line of vision by huge gusts of wind. Where Matthias's body lay now nobody knew.

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Suddenly he whirled upon the apprehensive creatures. The single eye rolled madly in its socket as Cluny bared claws and fangs, snarling, "Ha harr! I've got a powerful hunger for mice! You'd best get aloft on those walls. Ha harr!"Matthias called Warbeak to him-. He undid the collar and lead from the sparrow's neck, and packed them away in theIn moonlight streaming forth,"Third rank, fire! Drop back, kneel and reload!"Cheesethief swaggered into the tent and glanced around. Cluny had left the better part of a wood pigeon, some cheese, and there was still a handsome measure of the best St. Ninian barley wine in the Chiefs canteen.

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"Say what again? You mean that it sounds all mixed up to me?"He dodged playfully out of reach. Cluny snarled and went after him. Basil ducked and weaved, drawing Cluny further out on to the common. All eyes were upon the two figures. This made it easier for Jess to change hiding places as she followed them."Good, good, thank you, Hugo. Oh, we must thank Alf and young Matthias for mat magnificent fish. What fine anglers they are! There's enough to keep the entire Abbey going for a week! Excellent mice, well done."


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