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Latching her tail around a projecting gargoyle, Jess shouted back, "Well, I'm making headway, m'dear. This stone though - it's a bit rough on the old paws and claws. Not like good old wood or tree bark.""There, there, old girl. Don't fret. Many times in our history has tragedy been forestalled by miraculous happenings.""Harr, he'm be noice an' soft, sur. Baint no rock nor root to stop us'ns, straight furrer we'm a-thinking.""A fool, that's what 1 am! A little fool, climbing all this way to Be beaten by an old loft door."Cluny the Scourge was having nightmares.68"Sorry, only trying to help," she mumbled.

Skullface swallowed nervously and licked his dry lips.Silently parting the ferns, they gazed in horror at the dreadful scene around the base of the elm tree. Among the dead animals that lay stretched in unnatural attitudes was a badly injured weasel. He was moaning and twitching fit-fally.The cat yawned regally. "You may call me Julian. The title is hereditary. I never wanted it. Squire of what? A broken-down ramshackle farm building and a stretch of river over yonder! One has no real friends, no trusty servants, not even a mate for that matter. Hmmm, I suppose the Gingivere line will become extinct when I die."

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Outside in the churchyard the leaderless horde did absolutely nothing to reorganize. Sitting about licking their"A little bird told me," Matthias replied.

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"Say the word and I'm your mouse, sir.""What a thoughtful little body you are. Miss Cornflower. I always say there's nothing like some good homemade vegetable soup to keep the life in my old spines. It's a fair night, but mark you, it gets a bit chill twixt dark and dawn, m'dear."The Summer of the Late Rose . . . Cornflower turned the words over in her mind, dreamily thinking of the old ramblerThe two friends thankfully accepted food from Cornflower and her helpers. Both watched, mystified as Winifred the otter and Foremole hoisted and pulled a seesaw into view.

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Darkclaw and Fangburn scurried off to obey the command. Silently the others waited, their eyes glinting in evil anticipation.

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Methuselah popped his head out briefly and beckoned. "Come into the study, Matthias. Oh, and bring that little horror too."

A minute or two later all four were standing on the gatehouse wall, shoulder to shoulder with countless other defenders. Cluny's horde was retreating, back down the road to their camp at St. Ninian's Church. There was a wild cheering from the ranks of the mice and woodlanders.

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