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Guosim, who was fully recovered, spoke out courageously, "You cannot stop us, Matthias. You are not a union member; therefore we are not under your command. The rules clearly state this, so the decision is out of your paws. We go! You and Log-a-Log get some sleep. I'll take first sentry duty."Cluny scratched the floor of die ditch with his claw. It was all there, the design for his next move. He would attack the Abbey secretly from the Mossflower side."Friar Hugo, old friend, brace yourself. I am the bearer of tragic news!"

108"Mouse worm, you my prisoner! This court of Sparra! Me King Bull Sparra!""Listen to me," she roared. "I know that Log-a-Log is a wise elder, but I am president of our union, conirades. The mouse hasn't told us where he is going.""That's easy," grinned Methuselah. "The rhyme says, 'from o'er the threshold seek and you will see.' It's simple! What is above our heads right now?"

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Cluny heard. He came to the edge of the pulpit. Grasping the sides of the lectern he surveyed his small congregation like some satanic minister.

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The evidence was quite clear. The wet path in the dry grass gleamed in the dark.

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Harry couldn't feel too excited about this. He didn't think the Dursleys would like him any better"Right or left?"If he did not make it out on to the roof, what then?

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Having delivered food to Matthias and Methuselah, she went out on the ramparts accompanied by her helpers. They fed the sentries and took back all die dishes. Next she found herself making an extra two trays of food up for Silent Sam's parents. The two squirrels thanked her politely and set to with an appetite. Little Sam stood watching them, sucking his paw. Cornflower had a special soft spot for the baby squirrel; she made up a tray for him too. She had no sooner finished than Constance called to ask a favor of her. Would she mind making up another four trays? Three for the Vole family who had just returned, and an extra-large one for Basil Stag Hare. Cornflower cheerfully obliged.The vole faltered. "But my wife - Colin - the rats have got them.""Oh mighty King, mouse not have more candynuts. Not know 'bout sword thing, not even have belt now. Me die if not soon go free. Please letta poor mouseworm go home."

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