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The big badger was uneasy. She knew this one, a fox from Old Sela's brood. You needed eyes in the back of your head to watch that lot!The laughter died on his lips. A horrified gurgle bubbled from his throat. Icy claws of terror gripped his chest.Fangburn hazarded a guess. "To keep us out, Chief?"King Bull Sparra crammed the last candied chestnuts into his beak and chomped with evident enjoyment.Jess was about to hurl more nuts and insulting remarks when the form of Cluny's plan dawned on her. The rat was trying to do exactly as she and Basil had done. It was a trap to make her become careless. Two can play at that game, Jess thought to herself. The horde soldiers watching the squirrel noticed a change come over her. She appeared agitated, gnawing upon her lip and rubbing her paws together. In anguish she clutched the tapestry, hugging it to her body.Between them, Matthias and Brother Alf had caught and landed a fully-grown grayling. They had fought and played the big fish for nearly two hours, finally wading into the shallows and dragging it to the bank. It was nearly two pounds in weight, a tribute to Brother AlPs angling skills combined with the youthful muscles of Matthias and their joint enthusiasm.he had forgotten it all again and was hatching more crazy plans. Matthias was constantly amazed at the mode of life in the Sparra court. The sparrows showed no kindness or civility to one another, often fighting savagely among themselves on the slightest pretext. Warriors, and even fledglings, joined in. The injuries they inflicted upon each other were appalling.

Bracing himself against the weather vane, Matthias shielded his eyes and peered down into the Abbey grounds. Starting from there he began a systematic search upwards. Most of it was too far below him to make out anything clearly.Wing in paw, the reunited comrades strolled off to the barn, chatting amiably as if there had never been a cross word between them. Julian was last to enter the barn. He gave Matthias a broad wink.300When they were sufficiently recovered to start again, Matthias tried the sandstone center rib of the window. It was carved into a profusion of curlicues and niches which made the climb considerably easier. Soon they reached the wooden ridge at the bottom of the roof curvature. It was perilously narrow. Together they edged along it, their backs bent unsafely forward with the curve of the ceiling behind.Matthias could not help feeling a certain amount of sympathy for the lonely aristocrat.

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The baby squirrel smiled. . . and nodded . . . and sucked.280

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"Come on, you lot! On your feet! Stand up straight, you mice! Step aside there! Make way for Cluny the Scourge!"Basil Stag Hare tapped one of his huge feet gently on the

"Hurr, they do 'ave to wait 'til sun moves round," commented Foremole.

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"Never mind that nonsense," it replied in a gruff voice. "Who are you? Why are you trespassing on shrew land?"192After some icy staring about to detect the culprit, and several smothered sniggers from around the room, the little fat friar puffed himself up once more and declaimed firmly: "Grayling a la RedwalL"

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Killconey threw an elaborate salute. "Sure, it's clear as the mornin1 dew, yer honor!"Matthias began to apologize for his ignorance, but the mother sparrow cut him short. "Dunwing think plan; pay 'tention now. Me send Warbeak to tell old gatemouse, how you call? 'Athuselah? Good. My eggchick she tell old mouse to getta big red squirrel; bring plenty climbrope; when she see you on roof she climb up, help Matthias mouse down."As fast as their tired limbs would allow them, Matthias, Constance and Hugo went together.

in his ears.

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