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Matthias adjusted the dagger in the black sword belt. He stood framed in the doorway, smiling confidently. "Don't worry, Cornflower. I fully intend to take care of myself, for the safety of Redwall Abbey . . . and for you."The treatment was working.Matthias was flabbergasted. Here he was fighting off a dozen rats, trying to rescue the Vole family, while Basil was dusting out his den! The young mouse could scarcely hold his temper.Fangburn swung the heavy dub and brought it crashing down on the back of Plumpen's head from behind. The unlucky dormouse crumpled to the ground without a sound.

Constance could feel her hackles beginning to prickle. She sniffed the air and shivered despite the heat that shimmered in waves across the meadowlands. The big badger nudged Matthias.Methuselah leaned forward indignantly. "Who said that? Did I?"

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"Have you seen Matthias?" the Abbot asked. "He's been missing from his room since yesterday afternoon."Most of Cluny's army had an eye to promotion; not only for prestige - there were the extra shares of loot to be considered.Constance dealt Sela a sharp blow between the ears. The fox fell in a senseless heap. Constance ducked behind a tree and called out in a high-pitched voice, "Over here! I've got die fox! Quick, over here!"

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132"Please tell me, late rose, where will I find the sword?" The topmost rose quivered. He watched it blossom before his eyes. At the center of the blooming petals was the face of Methuselah. "Matthias, my friend, I can help you no more. Seek out the aid of Martin. I must go now."


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Cluny went like a bat out of hell. Glancing back, he saw all the carnage, death and misery he had caused in his career. The big rat laughed insanely and ran faster: on and on, past scenes of desolation and destruction wreaked by him, Cluny die Scourge. Roating through the red mists he could still see die strange mouse hard on his heels. Cluny felt himself filled with hatred for his pursuer. It seemed to have grown larger; its eyes were cold and grim. Deep inside, Cluny knew that even he could not frighten this oddly-garbed mouse. Now it"Who are you?"

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ruler."What a great pity that it took so much bloodshed to unite us all. Henceforth the sparrows may come and go as they wish. They must share our food and use our Abbey, not only die roof but all of it. These good Guerrilla Shrews also - no longer will they be as gypsies roaming the woods: they will have a proper home here at Redwall as long as they wish. And now, Matthias my son, I must tell you my decision regarding you. It is my wish that you do not enter our Order as a brother!"

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