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Far ahead in the murky darkness Matthias could vaguely distinguish a figure leaning out from the wall. It was a mouse in armor.'The Warrior sleepsItem three: We have also found his shield and sword belt.

Shrews struck down the enemy guards as Sparra braves released the prisoners' bonds with short slashes of their sharp beaks. The freed defenders grabbed up anything that would serve as weapons. They hurled themselves upon the enemy, sparrows and shrews siding them against their larger adversaries. Rats, ferrets, weasels and stoats fought with the ferocity bom of desperation. Their very lives depended on the outcome."Please tell me, late rose, where will I find the sword?" The topmost rose quivered. He watched it blossom before his eyes. At the center of the blooming petals was the face of Methuselah. "Matthias, my friend, I can help you no more. Seek out the aid of Martin. I must go now."ruler.

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Constance hauled upon her rope. It was no hard task for a fully-grown badger. On the other ropes there were creatures that could not compare with her for strength, but they hauled and pulled with an equally good will. Cornflower and Silent Sam kept busy supplying cool drinks and sweat cloths. The repair work went ahead at a steady pace." Asmodeussssssssssssssss!""Foxes?" echoed Cluny.

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The hare disappeared momentarily. He reappeared next to

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Harry left through the back door. It was a brilliant, sunny day. He crossed the lawn, slumpedMethuselah adjusted his glasses and peered closely. "Yes. You may have something there. It could be the key to the whole thing ... '/ - am that is.' Let's say that the dash separates the line, so that we will look at the last three words, *am that 15.' Suppose we took that part out, then it would read, '7, two mice within Redwall.'"Basil chuckled, "What's the matter? Isn't your own head good enough? No, I don't suppose it is. Ugly-looking brute, aren't you?""How are the cellar stocks, Hugo?"

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these days. I'll stretch a point and take you there. But please don't expect me to introduce you or even talk to him. When I barred Snow from here we had a dreadful quarrel. Things were said that cannot be rescinded. I vowed that day never to speak to that old owl for as long as I live."

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again upon the legs. He doubled up in pain as the horde jeered and laughed."Wake up, old one. If you're tired I'll help you to your"Precisely," said die old mouse. "It is indeed a riddle, but don't worry, Matthias, we will solve it together. I have sent for food and drink. You and I will not move from here until we have the answer."


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