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There was immediate shouting and gruff oaths. Matthias knew the drill; it was surprising how the stone-holder could gain quiet among such a noisy, quarrelsome gathering. Matthias continued, "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, we at Redwall are under attack by Cluny and his horde. Evidently you have heard his name before. Well, I believe that I have the solution to Cluny. It is an ancient sword that once belonged to a great mouse named Martin the Warrior. To find the sword I must ask Captain Snow the whereabouts of Asmodeus."This time Matthias was aware that there would be another shower of falling dust when the door opened downwards. Wisely he had edged sufficiently along the ridge to avoid both.pinafore she softly wiped away his tears. For such a shy little mouse she had quite a bit to say."Get them," Cluny said hoarsely. "Find the foxes and bring them here to me."128When Matthias arrived at the wall he felt like patting the old red sandstone. He turned to his companion. "This is where I live.""Where is it? I had it not five minutes ago. Hullo, what's this? Oh, the treatise on Bee Folk of RedwaW." Methuselah hurled the dusty volume to one side, narrowly missing his companion. "Wait a tick. I think I may have put it down over there."

"Even the biros have stopped singing," Constance said quietly."You, Abbot Mouse, come here!"Redtooth swaggered forward and took up the challenge in his Chiefs name, as he called back up at the walls, "Look well, all creatures. This is the mighty horde of Cluny the Scourge. My name is Redtooth. I speak for Cluny our leader."now, the Abbot is doing everything in his power. We will know soon enough."It was dead of night when Cluny's horde moved out of the meadow. Around the embers of each campfire, bundles of grass and twigs had been wrapped in blankets. To the unsuspecting sentries on the wall the bundles looked like sleeping forms: they sensed nothing amiss. The horde circled northwards through the meadowlands until Cluny judged they were far enough from Redwall to escape detection. He crossed the road at the head of his army.

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He was completely taken aback by the cat's reply. "Not at all, my dear friend. It is I that must apologize to you. The whole incident was entirely due to my priggishness and lack of manners."-a moment to ease his neck."Surely you don't mean Basil Stag Hare?" cried Constance. "Well, I never! Is that old eccentric still bobbing around? I expect we'll see him turn up with the Vole family around about lunch-time. I never knew Basil to miss the chance of,a free lunch back in the old days."

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Out in the churchyard Chickenhound, who was the son of Sela, sat sunning himself upon a tombstone."Where does Cluny's army go?'-'

now . . .

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"No, no, you dare not harm these creatures!" he cried. "H would be murder."289A whack from the bannerstaff silenced Sela. Cluny's voice was icy with condemnation. "Traitors! All that he meant was that you slipped up when you copied my plans for an attack with a battering ram. So now you know that I intend to tunnel into Redwall."Matthias tossed and turned in his bed, exhausted, but unable to sleep. His mind revolved around a host of problems andMatthias chuckled quietly and shook his head in admiration. He watched twelve rats falling over each other and bumping heads as they chased his friend around the common land. Every now and then Basil would pause and strike his "Noble Stag" attitude, letting the rats get to within a whisker of him. Nimbly he would kick out with his long powerful legs and send them all sprawling in a heap. Adding insult to injury, he danced around the fallen sentries, sprinkling them with daisies until they arose, cursing him, to continue the chase.

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The comrades' scheme was beginning to work.

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Matthias hesitated a moment, then blurted out, "Brother Methuselah, tell me where Martin lies buried.""Allow me, ma'am. Why yes, as a matter of fact I did. Nothing like a fresh pot of mint tea after some good healthy exercise, what, what?"Killconey cocked a claw over her shoulder. "Sure, they're all outside, your worship. Shall I go and fetch them?"

The hare gnawed thoughtfully on some bread and salad. "Well, if you put it that way, young feller, anything I can do to help I will. You'll need a good guide?

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