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The little squirrel leaped upon the table. He darted up and down, thrusting out his paw as if he held a sword in it, stabbing away at thin air. He pointed at Matthias. The young mouse gave him a hug. "No, bless you, Sam. I haven't got a sword of my own yet, but I will have some day."

Half an hour later, after unfolding the sad tale of Methuselah, the Abbot also took his leave.Jess placed her paws on the fat mouse's shoulders. The squirrel's face was a mixture of sadness and concern.299Ragear had panicked completely. He could not jump the

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Would Jess be able to catch sight of him?A bedraggled youngish mouse held up a timid paw. "I am, sir. My name is Plumpen. Please let us go free. We have done no harm to any living creature. Violence is against our nature. We?

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The Abbot folded his paws within his wide sleeves. "It goes well for us, old one, though how I can say that anything goes well which causes death and injury to living creatures is beyond me. We live in strange times, my friend."

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The Joseph Bell tolled for mid-afternoon.Foremole tugged his nose in salute. "Harr, we'm dum now, zurrs, oi'll bid ye g'day.""Over there, Log-a-Log! Move!""Old Wormtail has lost a paw. Some of the others are really hurt."

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Fangburn crawled miserably out of the wrecked bush. Both eyes were blacked, a chunk of his left ear was missing, and his whole body was covered in long raking claw marks and prickles. He bent painfully to retrieve his spear. Seizing the opportunity, Redtooth landed him a mighty kick on the bottom. His nose plowed up a furrow of soil.

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