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What sort of slop is that to give renowned warriors, eh? We want to be cured, not killed! Now listen to me, you pair of scullery fusiliers, I want a decent brunch: half a dozen boiled eggs, some crisp summer salad, two loaves of hot bread, two hazelnut cream junkets, two - no, better make it four -oven-baked apple pies, oh, and chuck in some of those medium-sized quince tarts if you see any lying about. Well, don't stand there with your great jaw napping! Cut along now, quick as y'like,"208Having been given full instructions by Matthias, Jess stood at the base of the immense Abbey building. The squirrelagain.Friar Hugo's cry galvanized the fox into action. He grabbed the sack and fled from the Abbey.hacked away stoically. He was beginning to feel his paws numbed by the jarring blows of the hefty iron railing against the sword blade. Cluny too felt the vibrations each time the sword clanged upon his weapon. The pain shot right through him, down to the tip of his injured tail. Along the ramparts they fought, blinded by sweat, panting and blowing, neither asking nor giving quarter; down the stairs and across the grass once more, they slashed and struck at each other, right up Co the entrance of Great Hall."All those rats! Such big ones, too."

"They're ringing that big bell again. Chief. Ha! ha! Maybe they think it'll frighten us off."Matthias yawned. "Well, what about sparrows? I've had some dealings with 'em. What do you need to know?"The deep, warm, brazen voice of the Joseph Bell tolled across the tranquil meadows, its echoes fading in the leafy depths of Mossflower Wood. It was eleven o'clock on the night of the full moon."The same one," Matthias replied. "But to cut a long story short, the adder stole the sword from him. That's why I want to know about Asmodeus, you see."Warbeak pointed to the King's chamber. "Dunwing get Bull Sparra wormfood ready. King have no wife to make

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BOOK TWOFor the first time since the formation of their union, the shrews stood in slack-jawed silence, completely lost for an answer!Horde captains came stamping out of the Abbey. They prodded the prisoners with cutlass points and slapped out with flat blades at the helpless defenders.

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Fangburn pointed sullenly with his cutlass. "Over there by the cooking fire. Be quick about it.""I am that is! Matthias, why do you sleep! There is a warrior's work to be done here! Pick up your sword, Matthias! The evil one shall not have it. Strike out for me now, my brave young champion!"

Thus did Mortimer, the Father Abbot of Redwall, die.

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The big rock catapulted over the top of the parapet. Several seconds of silence followed, then there was a crash, accompanied by screams of pain and shock from the rats packed into the ditch below. Winifred and Foremole gravely shook paws."The horde is ready to march, Chief.""Thank goodness it did not spread to die woods," said the Abbot, "otherwise all of Mossflower might have gone up in flames."Cluny nodded dumbly.A mob of rats had scrambled through the fence to catch Basil, but it was like trying to catch smoke upon the wind. He was there and gone. From her hiding place Jess tried hard to stifle her giggles.

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Cluny charged in. He lifted the banner and slammed it down on the hare's unprotected head. Basil twisted quickly to one side.

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"Matthias, forget it. Abandon any hopes you have of snatching the Vole family from under Cluny's nose. Imagine it, a few of us going up against several hundred armed rats in their own camp. Ridiculous. A fat lot of good we'd be as defenders of Redwall with our heads fixed to Cluny's standard. Matthias, you're a very brave young mouse, so please try to set an example to the rest by not becoming a foolish or dead one."The tiny squirrel licked his paw and smiled. He indicated a large circle with it, pointing at himself with his unsticky paw."Speak first. You'll get water when we get information," she insisted.

Without warning, Cluny charged headlong into the new recruits, lashing out wildly with his scourging tail. He bowled them left, right, and center with his massive strength. Baring his teeth and slitting his eye, he whipped fiercely away until they fell back and scattered in disorder, hiding behind gravestones. Cluny threw back his head and roared with laughter.

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